LeoFinance sees new all time highs in monthly active users for the month of October!

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LeoFinance continues to gain momentum!

After a bit of a setback with the wLEO hack on Uniswap a few weeks back, the project appears to be hitting on all cylinders again.

After posting record high ad revenue for the month we also saw a new record in monthly active users as well.

More on the record high in ad revenue can be seen here:


Now, not surprising given the record high ad revenue, we can see that LeoFinance also so a record high in monthly active users (MAUs).

Check it out:


(Source: https://leofinance.io/@leo.stats/leofinance-weekly-stats-10-26-2020-to-11-01-2020)

Not really surprising...

Like I mentioned above, the fact that ad revenue was hitting all time highs, it makes sense that monthly active users would also be at or near all time highs.

Plus you can see it all over HIVE as well.

Just about every day I am seeing more and more HIVE users starting to post on LeoFinance, some being hardcore long time Hivers.

Which is also not surprising considering that LEO has been holding value while HIVE continues to tank day after day after day.

I do think HIVE is probably getting near the lows here, but I also do think it needs to tweaking of its tokenomics.

There is just not enough demand for the hive token given the currently supply and it generates no revenue, not a good combination.

That being said, it's not only HIVE that is performing so terribly, much of the altcoin market has been absolutely pummeled these last few weeks, though HIVE has been a laggard for sure.

Given what LEO has coming down the pipeline, it's probably a good spot to pick up some more LEO and probably HIVE as well.

What's good for LEO will ultimately be good for HIVE as well, at least in terms of more users.

Stay informed my friends.


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Just about every day I am seeing more and more HIVE users starting to post on LeoFinance, some being hardcore long time Hivers.

I noticed that too. It is funny how quickly things can change. A few months back, most were looking at Leofinance as just another tribe, one that failed and nothing happening at the second layer.

Now, it is leading the way on Hive. A token that I was buying at .025 HIVE, maybe 4 months ago, is now near 1.5 HIVE. Life in the world of crypto.

I was anxious to see the MAU reported and was not disappointed. Hopefully we see the same brisk pace of growth that we saw the last couple months. From the lows in April, which was due to the conversion over to Hive, the growth rate is absolutely tremendous.

Great times ahead.

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