Actifit Twitter Contest: Win $50 in BTC + 10 free accounts with Hive delegation!

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WIN $50 in BITCOIN with this easy contest by Actifit!

It's been a long time I have not posted in LeoFinance and I have missed it.. I have missed curating and reading all the interesting posts I find here!

But with my photography lessons (last one today), it has been difficult to find time :) I will do my best to come back strong again in the next days :)

This post is an invitation to participate to an exciting new contest..


Big contest prize - win 50$ in BTC

The prize? 50$ in BTC & 10 Free accounts with HIVE delegation to get started..

What do you have to do?

Simple, (1) follow @actifit on Twitter and then (2) retweet this post after (or before) (3) tagging three of your friends..

Pssstttt! If you don't have any friends - you can tag @katerinaramm1 @jimmyfusz @AriaKourada @nikoleondas hehehe


This is very important! I have missed airdrops & contests because I forgot the deadline.. So please remember that you can participate till Monday the 26th of October, at 6pm UTC!


(If you would like to use this gif, it is found at - created by me with free elements)

So, that's it for now!

I wish you a great weekend and if you participate, do let me know! Good Luck to everyone!

About Actifit dApp:
Actifit is a fitness app that rewards its users for being active and for posting their activity report on the blockchain. The users who have a minimum of 5000 steps activity are rewarded with AFIT tokens and with Hive rewards. You can visit or the discord for more information!

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I wish actifit pumped. How is it going these days? :(

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tbh, I am hodling and not paying attention to the price - but I have hopes because they never stay still :)
They have added gamification (With gadgets and contests) and it is fun for users - lots of plans for the future too.
Let's see what happens

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