#43 - Leo Roundtable: A Fed-Induced Market, Silver & Gold, BTC, HIVE and the Stock-to-Flow Model

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We held another LEO Roundtable this week and talked about the markets especially in the midst of major central bank actions.

We began the talk by discussing some LEO updates including 2 of the new websites that we added to the LeoFinance community portfolio. As we aim to raise the tide on our entire ecosystem, we see these various projects take shape and flourish.

We moved on to talk about the S&P500, broader markets indices and Silver & Gold. I personally made a SLV trade after one of our first LEO Roundtables and have done well on the position in the past month as people look to these safe havens in light of fiat helicopter money.

We finished off the talk with Bitcoin and Hive while also spending some time on the S2F (Stock to Flow) model and asked each other the question: would you buy BTC at these levels?

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In This Episode:

  • 0:00 LEO Developments — Talking about Hivestats, LeoPedia, etc.
  • 21:00 S&P 500, AAPL and the Overall Market
  • 30:00 Silver & Gold
  • 53:00 DAX and Nikkei
  • 57:00 BTC, HIVE & The Crypto Markets
  • 1:19:11 Bitcoin S2F (Stock to Flow) Model Explanation - Is it a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

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Lets see if we can find another trade to get into on the next Roundtable.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yeah we should definitely look for one on the next episode. I enjoyed hearing your perspectives on SLV and then getting some skin in the game by adding a position

Posted Using LeoFinance