#40 - Filling the Gaps: Where BTC, Equities and Bonds Are Headed Short, Medium & Long-Term | LEO Roundtable

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We gathered for another live LEO Roundtable on May 5th and discussed where the markets are at right now, where we think they’re going short-term and also gave some longer term outlooks as well.

We talked equities, bonds and finished it off with some BTC analysis before the halving in less than 6 days. We also talked a bit about HIVE and where we see that going in the medium-term as well.

As always, the LEO roundtable is filled with a wide variety of topics.. all related to Finance. I learn a lot each episode as we all have our own expertise in different fields.

As Mitch said in the last episode of the roundtable, these are basically a mastermind group where we all come together and bring different expertise to the game. Shedding light on the markets — both traditional and crypto — and find interesting ways to analyze and invest in these turbulent times.

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In This Episode:

  • Short-term outlook for equities
  • Medium-term & long-term outlook for equities
  • Analyzing gaps in the chart data for trade opportunities
  • Bonds
  • Bitcoin pre-halving and post-halving
  • How much BTC should you own?
  • Crypto markets and HIVE


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