Bitcoin Will Cross $20k in 2020 | How I've Changed Since the Last Bull Run

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I got into crypto in early 2016. I started out - much like everyone else - buying Bitcoin and slowly gravitated toward Ethereum. As I learned more about the space my bullish mindset deepened and I realized that this is the technology to buidl on and invest in.

Bitcoin is closing in on $14k today - with the price jumping to $13,700 as I type and record this video. Many are wondering when we'll hit that coveted $20k and cross the previous All-Time High.

Some predict that Q1 of 2021 will be Bitcoin's time to shine and blast beyond $20k. Others are convinced that it'll be sooner. In this video, I talk about a few things that I've seen along with my personal opinion about the movement of BTC's price.

I also discuss how my mindset has changed since the 2017 bull run. I learned a lot in that bull run as it was the beginning of a much longer, tougher and more rewarding journey than I ever could have anticipated.

Covid has accelerated the adoption of technology far beyond our expectations. It's also seemed to accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin amongst legendary investors like Paul Tudor Jones and also public companies like MicroStrategy and Square who have added BTC to their balance sheet in place of cash reserves.

I'm more bullish on BTC than I've been in a long time. I've spent the last several years accumulating BTC and a handful of Altcoins that I believe in from a technology perspective - as opposed to a pure currency play. This video focuses primarily on Bitcoin and how I'm planning my moves as we enter the nascent stages of this coming bull run where I see BTC skyrocketing past $100k USD as a mad rush of institutional money flows into the space.



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I sure am glad I trust in BTC. If it gets to 100k maybe I'll celebrate by buying a lambo, lol.

lol lambos are nice. I'm waiting for that $250k moonshot so I can buy my island though ;)

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Does owning Island feels better than 1.9 seconds (0/60) ???

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That depends, how many models do I get to have on my island?? ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

An island would be nice. I better buy a little more or also hold off to 250k so I can get a nice one.

I'm settled for more.
But if my $275K happens, your lambo will eat dust after my Lucid AIR.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That's gonna take some steady hands.

Welcome to the club :)

hehe. Bitcoin's always been my first love. I thought it would take a longer time scale than this, but the moon is coming sooner than later apparently 🚀

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Yea, I've been saying $20k by the end of this year for roughly 2+ years now, but it's not because I am some great prognosticator, none of us are. It's simply based on the fact that if you go back and take the average time to new all time highs after the previous two halvings, both pointed towards new highs by the end of this year. It looks achievable right now, but the clock is ticking and the stock market isn't doing us any favors. :)

If it keeps decoupling from stocks I think we are going to pass it in like a week.

Damn. A week would be crazy - but I'll take it

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Looking for cash to invest more in Bitcoin, crazy how I'm all into cryptos these days.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Calm down. You are not alone.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Cash? What's that? Looking for LEO to moon soon so I can buy Bitcoin with it.
Or should I perhaps sell my little house ( where I'm not living at the moment anyway ) here in Portugal? ;<)

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I think we have a while before we hit $20k again but when we do it will be on a rocket ride to $25k or more. Then I think we will hit another hump for a while.

But like I always say, if anyone tells they know where the price will be tomorrow,they are full of shit.

At 59m and 59s past the hour, every hour, tomorrow will be a second later somewhere.

So well said Marky.
It is interesting to see how my mind changed during years.
Why people are so impatient? Are all them newbies here ?
After my THIRD halvening, (now five month in the past) - I'm not in a rush anymore. I know a new bear market is inevitable, some time in 2022-2023.When BTC crash of bloody -70-80% happens again, ant BTC finds it's new bottom around $40k. And then we start to dreem of new ATH's in 2025.
The Mt.Gox ATH & drama seems to me as far in the past as Neil Armstrong's Moon landing, or first ussr sputnik. I remember both.

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Yeah nobody truly knows when we'll get there but I think most of us are convinced that it will get there and far beyond at some point.

I hope we see it before the end of 2020 but waiting an extra 12 months or even longer wouldn't have much of an impact on me. Things happen fast in this industry, so 1 or 2 more companies jumping on the balance sheet bandwagon might flip the moon switch.

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Bitcoin can't keep doubling indefinitely. Yet, since I have started watching the price, it has done just that a dozen times.

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Bitcoin price seems to be in bullish mode but difficult to say that it will make 20k$. No one can predict it completely however chart pattern indicates that there are high chances to reach BTC 20k mark.

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Lol I’ll be buying all the way up like a sucker, if it does break 100k I’ll convert to stable coin wait a few months for correction buy back in and keep going! Once you know you can afford a lambo cash you actually don’t feel the need to buy one lol what do I have to prove?

I wouldn't call yourself a sucker, that kind of strategy has a name for it, i myself use it, I can't remember what it's called off the top of my head!

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if it does break 100k I’ll convert to stable coin wait a few months for correction buy back in and keep going!

Sounds like a good tactic that I'll keep in mind.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Even better would be to take that stable coin and stake it while you wait so you earn a bit during the correction phase

Some banks in soutj korea and singapura are preparing cbds. once it is launched there will be mote people know bitcoin and familiar with. so the demand of bitoin and popular crypto asset will increase

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Bitcoin to the moon? Yeah, let's do it!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I haven't been that long in crypto game but the technology is future. Instead of focusing on trading between coins i adopted to stay on steem now hive and tried building up here. Took part in projects and grew my funds instead of depending on its price to rise. For me utilization of coin is more important. Anyways bitcoin is gonna smash. Its right time to buy... at least for hive. I'm gonna pump up some in a week or two.

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I just watched this video now and you said something which struck me, that is, ten years from now we'd look back and the present price will feel like how $1 was for Bitcoin years ago. Seeing that BTC would have undergone two more halvings in ten years I can't but agree with you. $20k is on the horizon and it will be a jolly ride. Cheers!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Crikey, there's some optimism in the comments about the BTC price!

Then again, most of them have minted! And the institutions haven't even started yet!

Part of the reason I always buy LTC with BTC is that I don't want to sell any BTC on the way up, but I'll be happier about selling my LTC!

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You kind of entered the crypto space at the right time if you ask me and probably still got some nice profits although reinventing too soon. The previous bull market for me was a major lesson along with the bear market.
I agree with you entirely on dollar cost averaging and that's my current strategy.
In regards of getting parabolic I beleieve that winter will blow a bit into the market, but we'll see the real deal next year. I'll buy myself something nice for Christmas with crypto money though 😉. Thanks for the invite to join discord by the way. I'm not familiar with it at all though...

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Why am I surprised to read that you 'only' got into crypto in early 2016? I have to admit, I was a little late to the party ( entering in May 2017 ) but I clearly remember believing that Bitcoin would go up to 50 to 100k in the last bull run. I surely learnt about patience in the years after and many other lessons. Now I hardly have any Bitcoin left but I've got plenty of other coins and hope to buy a nice chunk of Bitcoin in the near future, hopefully before your prediction:

we enter the nascent stages of this coming bull run where I see BTC skyrocketing past $100k USD

comes true.

Cheers again for working so hard on this space on the blockchain and contributing to my and many other people's abundance. Keep up the good work!

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The same here, I started at 2016 in crypto. I am hoping Bitcoin to reach at least minimum of 15,000 USD 1BTC.

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