#42 - Interview With Futurist & Investor, Taskmaster4450 | Discussion About Hive & the Future of LeoFinance

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@Taskmaster4450 is a popular author on the Hive blockchain and has been blogging about the future and the intersection of technology, crypto, Web 3.0 and more.

He’s an avid user of Hive and also a believer in the long-term vision of the LeoFinance community. In this discussion, we talked about many of the reasons for his investment of both time and money in the Hive blockchain and his thoughts about LeoFinance as a project.

I enjoyed this talk and I think it provides a lot of perspective into the mindset of someone who is well-informed about crypto, Hive and LeoFinance alongside the pursuit of a more abundant future through technology.

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In This Episode:

  1. Why did @taskmaster4450 get into crypto?
  2. Thoughts on technology and the future of web 3.0
  3. Why he uses Hive on a daily basis
  4. What’s the motivation behind Hive
  5. What LeoFinance means to him now and in the future

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I really enjoyed to listen to this interview. I've posted a couple of times in leofinance but wasn't aware of all the development that was going on. Also I hadn't been on Leofinance for a certain time and I liked for example the new dashboard and the recent posts that are displaying at the end of the articles.

I would like to give my feed-back on certain points discussed in the interview:

  • To use banners on the platform and to use the proceeds to burn leo is actually a great way to reduce the inflation. I've been running crypto faucets for several years and I've found some networks that pay better than coinzilla. I would suggest for example bitmedia.io. It's not that easy to be accepted but the payout is quite good in general and ads are mainly about crypto.

  • I had created a product in the shop. Do you think it would be possible to transfer this shop to hive in the long term?

  • Could there be an incentive for users who post using the leofinance interface? Let's say that there would be an account that systematically gives an upvote when using this interface to post on hive? (does it exist already?)
    This could generate more page views, higher alexa ranking and probably also higher ad revenue.

Best regards,

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I can answer #3. It already exists. Using the Leofinance frontend to post does activate the leovoter.

There are also a few larger LEO holders who also upvote posts make through the voter with greater frequency than the ones posted through other interfaces.

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I'm a witness of the awesome incentive available for hive users who maximize the LeoFinance front-end for their posts. Currently investing in LEO.

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Hey, love your podcast. I just noticed the cover art on Apple podcasts has a Steem logo and no Hive logo. Just wanted to bring this to your attention so you can fix it when you get a chance.

I think @taskmaster4450 is a forward thinking individual, who brings sunshine and optimism to the Hive and Leofinance community on a daily basis.

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Great interview! It would be so great to have a Hive collateralized loan 🥳

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I enjoyed the interview, thanks!

I only found out about Leofinance a week ago. Choosing this platform makes sense for me as I post daily about cryptocurrencies. Also, I'm born in the month of the Leo, lions are my favourite animal and Leo is my favourite guys name. So yea, you got me easy! :)

I generally put 2-3 hours of work into every article I post, sometimes even more. I'd appreciate any advice on feedback about the posts I have.

Thanks guys!

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@Taskmaster4550le is a truly a "Futuristic" person. H e has been a great motivation for investing in LEO in recent times and I do not regret the decision. His views of technology are awesome and quite convincing. We need more of his kind to pouch this community and the entire Hive Ecosystem forward.


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