How To Find A Core Community To Airdrop A New Coin To

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Koinos premine dominated by GPUs - game over man for normal people

The Koinos premine has seen a turn of events that the founding team did not expect to take place as soon as it did. Only a week after starting the six-month premine, a GPU miner was developed, which begun to dominate. As a result the price of KOIN on Uniswap crashed from ca. 3 cents where it had been stabilizing for the week before to less than 2 cents. I heard people say some powerful miner dumped to pay for costs and to take profit. What happens with GPU miners is that they can sell at a much lower price than CPU miners while still staying profitable. And this is exactly what has happened.

Hive is a treasure trove of social information to find people to airdrop tokens to

Suppose you are going to create a blockchain platform for one purpose or another and you want to find a core group of token holders to airdrop your tokens to. Now, where could you find 10,000 active users in crypto with a detail track record of behavior from the last four years? The Hive blockchain has every single upvote, downvote, post, comment, transfer, power up, power down etc etc. on immutable record. If you have a number of particular use cases in mind, why not sift through that massive data set to find accounts who have the characteristics you'd want your core users to have? There is no limit to the analysis you could perform on the data. It's a sitting duck for you to make full use of and accessing it costs absolutely nothing.

Wouldn't Hive users just dump the tokens?

Could be. But you'd at least initially distribute the token far and wide to a number of people potentially interested in your token based on their social profiles. Very few Hive users are all in on Hive. Most of us own many different coins. Better yet, if your new chain has uses cases with synergy with those of Hive then things could get really interesting. Suppose, you're creating a blockchain to power a decentralized audio or video platform. Wouldn't it make perfect sense to airdrop the token to a subset of Hive users actively creating video or audio material? By integrating your chain with existing Hive DApps you'd instantly gain a user base.

Just sidestep the premining nonsense. Think of all the acrimony all the crap that went down during the Steem premine caused down the line. The community suffered from the after effects for years.

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