Are You an Accredited Investor in the USA?

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Today as I was reading @spinvest's post regarding buying tokens that are backed by real estate, I started mentally moving my money around so that I could buy at least one share of a home.

For $$50.73 I would be able to be part owner of 10048 Grayton Street.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 10.32.33 PM.png

I was set to start earning my rent of 5.75 USD per year, and ready for the housing market in Detroit to take off so that I could watch the value of my token appreciate.

But because I am in the US, I can't invest unless I am an accredited investor

In order to be an accredited investor, I must have 1,000,000 USD in assets, or I must earn more than $200,000 taxable dollars per year.

So, although tokens, and crypto have figured out how to let me be a property owner for $50 USD, the US Government has found a fit way to keep me from investing.

Or have they?

Thanks to hive-engine, one can easily form clubs like @spinvest and purchase an asset as a part of a team.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 10.35.30 PM.png

So, is anybody interested in buying a few tokens and further tokenizing them on Hive Engine?##

I would buy some.


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SPInvest might invest in the fund and get a few shares.

That would be awesome :)

We could probably also start a sub club, where we pull together hives to buy one share.

Do not be surprised if SPInvest takes some of the liquid tokens it has and purchases some tokens in different homes.

That is one of the values of being a SPI token holders, exposure to lost of different investments.

I am also in the US and, for now, my balances are a bit below the $1M (like most of the million short) so I am also excluded.

Those are listed as securities which the SEC does not want average people to have access to.

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Well, the SEC can figure out another way. The people are ready to take their wealth back.