Aunt Jemima Can Finally Collect Social Security

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The internet is buzzing this morning with the news that Aunt Jemima will finally be retired.

Aunt Jemima is supposed to be a pancake mix company which also sells syrup. I don't prefer that brand as it is mostly high fructose corn syrup and their batter has more ingredients than I care to share about, but I know who they are, and periodically eat their product as my mom serves it in her kitchen.

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Personal taste preferences aside, it is an American Brand which has lots of customers.

We may say that it does not have racial connotations, but growing up in a Spanish Speaking household, we referred to it as panquequis de la negrita or pancakes from the black lady. It wasn't a racial slur for us, it was a description of who was on the box.

Hearing about the change this morning, and the consequent announcement by Mr. Ben's rice that happened soon after, made me really excited about the change.

These white owned - dinosaur type companies are either going to have to make radical changes, or finally go out of business.

What a great opportunity for small businesses who have been waiting on the sidelines, ready to take up the pancake syrup and batter mantle. They are out there and now they will be easier to find.

Who else should be excited?

Marketers who are looking to get hired as re-branders.

It is a time to change the face of products and a great time for new art, new slogans, and new sayings.

It is also a great reminder for those of us who hold crypto.

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Confederate Monuments, Statues of Christopher Columbus.

All of these things were ok one day, and obsolete the next day.

Hang on to your crypto bags, I imagine the change from fiat to crypto will happen much the same way.

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