Consumerism is a Tough Habit to Kick

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Today was grocery shopping day.

My daughter and I ventured out to Trader Joe's to fill our kitchen with one week's worth of food.

While waiting in line to get into the market, a phenomena I never thought I would experience, I saw that Lorde's Ice Cream was once again open for business.

Consumerism Leofinance.png

Even though I was not hungry.

Even though I don't particularly like Lorde's

Even after reminding myself on how pretty my bank account looks now that the "entertainment, and eating out" budget has been mostly absorbed into my bank account.

Even though I did not have the time to quietly sit on a bench and eat the ice cream while enjoying the fresh air, and feeling the sunshine on my skin.

Even though I didn't even really wanted it.

Consumerism Habit .png

I spent the $7.90 and bought a scoop of strawberry ice cream for myself and a scoop of cookies and cream for my daughter


Because it is summer and I was outside and the ice cream place was open, and I could.

Consumerism is a tough habit to kick.


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I will never say no to grocery shopping.
Somehow spending money on food seems like a great idea and less sinful than spending on wine or clothes or shoes

Yes, grocery shopping is a necessity.

I would say however that $600 a month is necessities, I could do it with $400 if I had to, and I can spend $2000 easily if I let myself buy ALL the stuff that everyone wants, a $2000 grocery trip sometimes feels like an expensive pair of shoes.

Yip!! Know what you mean
But it's ok for the "because I can" treats :D

Well, its been a few days and I am still happy we had the ice cream...