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I am building my site: womenandcrypto and have an overload of ideas that I want to implement.

This is making me work slowly.

Women and Crypto Logo.png

As my (bribed) kid was making graphics for me, she was suggesting I invest in "going pro" on Canva

I was not making the graphics myself because I was madly writing down my ideas to make sure they didn't get forgotten.

My husband was chiming in with how to make the graphics look better and what I should be adding to the site.

I was also starting post after post of my ideas and roadmaps, then stopping myself from publishing because the ideas are just so great that someone is going to steal them from me (LOL)


That's when I realized I was being Silly (and overly complicated)

But I speak nicely to myself, so I reminded myself to:






Women and crypto .png

Stop trying to do everything. Choose one thing and do that.

So I am choosing one aspect of the website, and starting there.

My current roadmap has lots of twists and turns, but the very first destination is clear:

A usable site where I can be contacted without needing a blockchain account.

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That's important moment when the ideas are flowing!