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The Blockchain is growing at an exciting rate and it is difficult to keep up and participate on all the projects.

Any new blockchain project could be the next LEO or Splinterlands. It could also be the next dlike (which turned out to be a HORRIBLE investment) or drugwars (which paid me a great return early on, but is extremely time consuming for the steem pennies it brings in).

Recently, there was a new sports related game that was launched. I could not log on.

I was starting to go into utter annoyance and desperation. I was well aware that who gets there first makes the most profit. I was getting mighty perturbed when I realized that I was already investing in that game.

I was already investing Through @spinvest, a Hive Based Investment club.

Bitcoin, Tether, Splinterlands, LEO, wLeo, Silver, Ethereum, Neoxian, Brocoin, I have my greedy little hands on all of those projects.

Currently I am looking at the AVA token and feeling like it might be a great idea to invest a little money in the Travel Industry - a little money now will surely grow exponentially.

Perhaps I will bring the idea up with the club, and see what other investors think.

How about you? Will all of the projects and opportunities that are presented to you, how do you decide which to spend your time and energy on? Who do you discuss your investments with?

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That’s what I like about investing in SPI, BRO and DHEDGE. All of these tokens confine multiple income streams. Which means I don’t have to manage all of those individually.

Please point me to where I can learn more about dhedge

i wish i'd put in more in spivest in the beginning. but glad to get my stack of BRO.
i've been looking into dhedge, it's good that these tokens help diversity our investments.
keep stacking till we reach the moon :D

Dhedge is pretty cool. The first weeks the returns were small, but they are increasing nicely now. By my estimation returns are already at 30+ apr.

nice APR. i should get more :D


Sorry, my calculations were off. The s apr is at about 7,5%

thanks for the update :)

You’re welcome

Sure, it is a new project but this isn’t @taskmanager’s first rodeo. On steem he managed to keep the ufm token with a good price. Now on hive he has the archon token that has nice value and keeps that value. Dhedge or discord hedge fund, is his newest creation.

You should always spread your risk, but dhedge should be a part of your portfolio.

oh that's great to know. i was late on archon.
yup diversification is important.
hope you are posting on blurt too to earn some extra, and of course there are a ton of tags here to get those second layer tokens :D

I do too much already, so managing a blurt account was just not what I wanted to do. I send all my blurt to the dhedge fund instead.

That way I get exposure to it without having to manage it myself.

yeah, it's important to prioritize as well :) it you're posting generic content you could just cross post it there - or shit post :D i'm thinking of it :P

and congrats on the birth of your child - you'll definitely be busy.


Thanks, I’m really busy indeed. Especially since my wife is still a bit weak and recovering from giving birth.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Yes, it is definitely a good feeling to know that we part of all these projects just by having some SPI in our wallet. For AVA I am also quite positive, despite the fact that travelling got a big hit with COVID in these days. The good thing on AVA is that it utilizes booking.com with all the offers there and making this available for crypto-purchases. It has been bought by Binance that is also a bit more in trouble due to Uni-Swap and the loss of stored crypto to the DeFi protocols but is still a big player that can afford development and market penetration of AVA. So it looks like a no-brainer to get some tokens and stake them into the AVA-App to get AVA tokens in form of payback for every travel that's possible after things normalize. I think I will write and article about that to share my first experiences with the App.

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Oh that would be interesting to read. I’m looking forward to that.

Please share that article with me once written :)

I wonder if the leofinance didn't support phone because I don't know why I am unable to post

Hey, this is an issue with the tags actually. You have to hit enter after each tag instead of just copy/pasting them or adding a space.

We're going to fix this with an update to the way tags are processed soon :)

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