Top 10 Hive Engine Tokens

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Yesterday I wrote my first @spinvest article and while I was happy with the idea of it, I wasn't happy with the "humpf" it put out.

Usually my posts are written, much like my college essays were. I see the idea in my mind, chew it through throughout the day, and then spit it out on paper.

This is great for a daily blog post, but won't do for a financial post.

Hive Engine Fintech Articles by Metzli .png

Part of the reason for me taking on the challenge to write for @spinvest is to become a better FinTech Writer, can't do that in your head, you have to actually do some research for that.

My idea for the article I will post next Thursday comes from the comment section. I am building a top 10 Hive Engine tokens to look at list.

I am basing the tokens I choose will be based on:

  • Usability,
  • Number of Users,
  • Team Behind the Project,
  • Clear Project Goal,
  • Updated Blog/Website
  • Cross Partnering

How Useful Is Your Token_.png

I am looking at 12 projects as of now, and will be cutting two.

  • DEC
  • dCity Token
  • Leo
  • Hustler
  • Whaleshares
  • SportsTalk
  • Neoxian
  • Weed
  • DPorn
  • Lotus
  • Actifit
  • CTP

I would love to hear opinions. Is there a specific thing you would like to know about a token before you decide to spend your time and money on it?

Is there a token that I am not looking at that you believe belongs on the top 10 list?

Is there a project/token on my list that REALLY doesn't belong there.

Please, let me know. And, look for the fully articulated article on the @spinvest blog next tuesday.

If you have not checked out the blog lately, go take a look. We have new content producers.

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well there are two that I have no interest in and they are weed, and dporn I know many might be they are just not my cup of tea. I own some a number of the others. The main one for me that have use case are ctp tokens and the ctpm
The next 3 are my long investments that should increase over time leofinance and miners, sportstalk and hustler and there miners. I am leaving out spi as you already know how good they are.

I see now I forgot SPI, which is most definitely a top 10 tribe/project.

I thought about leaving DPorn out too because there is so much muck around porn, but the truth is that if I were to make money by buying and selling porn tokens, I would be happy.

Exactly, any token is a bonus, the value I see, it teaches newcomers to dabble on the Hive-Engine, a bit of fun.

Number of Users,
Team Behind the Project,
Clear Project Goal,
Updated Blog/Website
Cross Partnering

I like your idea and I think you can add parameter like "Project goals achieved in last 6 month" as one more metrics.
You should remove DEC from list because DEC value is somewhat pegged to $1 per 1000 DEC(in game). Strong value of hive has inverse effect in price of DEC.

Till now , my top 2 picks are LEO and CTP.

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I did not know that about DEC and wonder how many of the @spinvest readers did not know that either.

CTP seems to be a crowd favorite, I have exactly three CTP miners and don't really know if they do anything for me. I need to take a closer look at that community.

Thanks for the extra information.

Some of your tokens on the list have uses and this is very important to note in an investment. LEO already has a solid community and is constantly growing. What makes it interesting is that instead of buying LEO (because it is a high price for some) you can simply win using the front-end

SPORTS I expect a good return in the long run and I am quite curious what Hustler can provide us.

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Thank you for your input. I am very curious about Hustler as well.

I haven't had a chance to comment on your @spinvest post, but I did find it really useful and I went and checked a few things that I hadn't realised previously. It renewed my interest in Hive-Engine, actually :)
I like the criteria you've chosen for looking at the profile of each token: usability and cross-partnering will be interesting :) I hold some of those tokens and it will be interesting to learn more about them, and to look at some of the others that I haven't considered yet. For example, I don't play Splinterlands so it would be interesting to form some kind of judgement about whether it was worth holding the token.
Although you're selecting ten, I guess this is a start and choosing Hive-Engine as a topic means you'll have stuff to write about forever as things change 😁 It'll also be interesting to re-visit token profiles after a year etc. In addition to the ones you mention, I would be quite interested in a review of PAL (what is it for?) and creativecoin (where is it going?).
Lovely, a great start 😁
Hope things are okay with you and yours.

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

My writing topic will be in HIVE investments. I was initially going to simply choose a token and give some stats and opinions on why it was a "good" or "bad" investment, but I quickly found that there was so much more to write about.

I definitely plan to cover PAL - which, at the moment has no "real world" usages (that I know of).

I also plan on chunking similar projects such as: gaming tokens, upvoting services, tipping services, storefront usages. Seems like I have a never ending list of HIVE blockchain investments to cover.

My favorite pick will be Leo and lotus! @naturalmedicine is my favorite community.

I found a lot many difficulties in creating post from PC. This time it looks esteem app is working great!

I do like to peek into @naturalmedicice periodically, medicinal plants get lots of coverage and I enjoy that topic.

With all due respect really bad list(i say that with love) sowi ❤
Would have on HE

For starters
Then Possibly
Gamer/Epc soon to be listed on HE

Out of the list you have dcity/ctp/dev i would keep for now (doesnt mean next month) lmao.
Not gonna give reasons why i wouldnt keep the others on the list(ps i hold all or have done) but am gonna read your reasoning behind your choices for sure👍
Ps whats "humpf"???

LOVE the constructive criticism, I appreciate it. Not only do you tell me what you don't like, you give suggestions of what you do like. I will definitely look at Mpath and Archon.

Humpf is just a made up word ... I guess I shouldn't do that when blogging. LOL.

Dear @metzli

Interesting choice of topic. One of those posts, which surely are worth checking out and reading through.

I wasn't happy with the "humpf" it put out.

What means "humpf" ?

I would love to hear opinions. Is there a specific thing you would like to know about a token before you decide to spend your time and money on it?

The most important thing would be to learn about those tokens economy. Where demand and supply would be coming from. How do they plan to create demand in the first place. etc.

Again, solid read. Upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr

"Humpf" is definitely made up word which means the post did not dazzle me. When I read the final result, it was not as awesome as I imagined it in my head.

Token economy is one of the most important factors. Having a consistent team seems more important to me.