Hive-Engine Market Making - The First 9 Days

in LeoFinance •  5 months ago 
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36% annualized seems legit

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Certainly do

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that's half of what banks pay... oh wait 😂

is -872% legit as well? haha

Not too bad for 9 days work, I see there's a front end now, I'm still going to wait it out before I try to start making markets. I think I'll just do the swap steem and HIVe they seem the most boring lol

There is one problem, not sure if it is caused by more and more market makers and also not the best configuration, but in recent days spread on dec is about 0%. It seems like some market makers are wasting the spread causing that nobody earns on spread. I had my own bot running on 1% spread minimum, and now it is idle because spread is close to 0%.

Yep, competition arbitrages away profits. That's always the case.

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