What is going on with AVA?

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Hello Leofinance Community!

AVA, the native coin of TRAVALA, is one of the Coins I have a special focus on. I already wrote one post about it recently. Despite the Alts have a hard time at the moment, look what its currently happening with AVA.
A straight rise from $0,42 to $0,67 trading at $0,598 at the time of writing. This is a 41.5% price increase coming along with an 8fold increased 24h trading volume (700K to 5,800K). It is also up 35% in BTC terms and is worth 4360 Satoshies at the time of writing.

Some Basic Date for AVA

Market Cap# Rankcirculating supply
20,704,414 €# 19739,896389


  • Backed by Binance.com, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange
  • Strategic partnerships with Booking.com, Expedia and Agoda
  • Over 150,000 monthly users and 20,000 room nights booked
  • High rate of booking and revenue growth despite COVID environment


Tell me WHY ?

It is 22 days ago that Binance launches the AVA Token on their own Binance Smart chain. Furthermore, there is a crowdfunding taking place on crowdcube.com that is running for the next 27day but has already raised £902,840 of planned £500,000. So it as almost 80% overfunded but will have another 4 weeks to raise more money.


The whole Travelindustrie is severely suffering from the COVID-Situation, and so will all the booking sites. It looks like a strong sign of trust if in this situation a new player is able to raise new capital for its business. Surely the funding amount can be added to the token price (around 5% of Market Cap), but could not explain a 50% increase imho. It definitely is a project that is linking Crypto to the real world, as on TRAVALA you are allowed to pay for hotel stays with multiple kinds of crypto. I don´t trust the price action right at the beginning of a new lockdown, that severely hit the business this project is relying on. But I am also not sure if there will be another chance to add up AVA for under 50 cents.

Please make your own financial recherche and come to your own conclusions - this is @no-advice

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That's why I like LeoFinance so much because here is the center of getting to know new currencies, projects and individual experiences. I did not know AVA and its potential, it is true that alts are not in their best days, but one or the other always deviates from the standard and brings us some pleasant surprises.

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Thank you for your comment! That is exactly the thing. There is no other place where I learned so much about crypto than on this blockchain and now on Leofinance it is filtered according to my main focus. If more people would know, more people could learn, teach and (what is very new) earn by just being around here. This concept is kind of a no-brainer and if the network effect is kicking in we will all see it clear in our wallets. Stay tuned and have a nice day.

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It is our goal to get the word out to as many people as possible. It is gratifying to be at LeoFinance and I feel practically at home. We will always learn new things here and it is undoubtedly one of the best communities in the Hive blockchain. Have a good night!

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amazing! thanks for this information. I've heard of this token in the past, but I've never been interested in it until now. I think I have missed an opportunity.

Thank you for your comment! I personally think the opportunity is not missed. We may have seen the bottom and now could witnessing an uptrend. With AVAs staking possibility on Travala and the increased bonuses you get on your bookings, this token has a real life use case. The idea of using a crowdfunding to raise not only money but also interest in your own target-group may be something @leofinance could also learn from. For example the development of a mobile App for Leofinance could be a crowdfunding topic raising awareness outside of the crypto-ecosystem.

Looks like a good one to keep an eye on, I'll keep it on my watchlist and see what happens.

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