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Investing simply means allocating anything of substance to a particular course for a particular period in expectation of some utility. This is often measured in material gain but the endgoal is psychological--*the feeling of accomplishment.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

One's investment is usually a reflection of one's values. So you can tell a lot about a person based on what they invest.

I have cautious enough not to mention money because often people see investment in monetary terms. Fortunately, my most important investment has little to do with money or enriching myself. I have always seen money as a tool not the end goal and I have tried never to make it as a priority. It is often difficult when you come from a place where people are defined base on their material possession and the gap between the rich and poor are so obvious. This is why I find this sphere quite refreshing. I interact with people daily, some have 10x of what I have and even when those conversations get heated never for once has anyone used their material possession as a defence/argument. Here people are appraised based on the quality of their thoughts and contribution to the community.

So what are my most important investments?


I am fortunate enough to have good friends and family. There is nothing that measures up to these relationships. If I had all the money in the world today, I am certainly spending it with them. Like I said earlier, money is just a tool. Unfortunately, most people place it over their relationships and even themselves.

In business, having a good network is imperative to a successful venture. The more people you can parley within your industry, the greater your chances are achieving your goals.


Education and health
One is as rich as the quality of their thought and health. These are things that should never be forgone. Most people practise extreme frugality at their own expense. It is and will never be the way of the wealthy. If your wealth doesn't reflect in your lifestyle, association or achievement, then it is questionable. No one in history created wealth or abundance via hoarding. It all revolves around value--how much of it you can create and give. Thus, one must invest in improving their capacity (learning and improving their skill-sets). It would great disservice that after all their endeavours all they have is money (well, still cool).

  1. LAND

I am a landowner, fortunately. 70% of all my income has gone into developing the property on my land and I have no regrets. Currently, a plot of land in my neighbourhood is going for $12,000, we got ours for $2,000 some years back. On completion, I would be generating roughly around $3000-$4000 yearly (that sums up my 3years in crypto). It could be 10x that amount in a few years. So imagine what my crypto portfolio would look like in the years to come when I have surplus income to invest--far better than it looks now. Plus I don't have to speculate. Lagos is the economic capital of Nigeria and is most likely going to double in size--population-wise-- in the next decade, increasing the demand for housing. This puts me in a good position as a landowner.


CRYPTO has been God's blessing to me. Over 90% of my income has come from this industry and this is due to my time and intellectual investment. With my earning here I have been able to fund most of my real-life projects that have significantly impacted my life. I know this trend cannot continue forever. Plus I think I want to do more than earn and speculate in the long-run. We are all here today thanks to the work of khal and his team. This is the type of impact I want to have in the industry and my community. That is my end goal.

So these are my most important investment. Kindly share yours in the comment section. Cheers!

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