BAT headed for the Moon. Up 20% today. Are you collecting your Free $BAT each day ?

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago  (edited)
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Wow, that's quite the jump. I wonder what's causing it?

Probably a market buy by brave

No idea.... not many people here interested in it though ... ha ha.... lol ....
Only 14 people .... ha ha ha ..... hive eh

That's the coin issued from the Brave browser? There has been a reluctance on my part to open up the wonderful privacy that browser affords one by excepting a crypto payment.

I have no idea what to do with the millions of Bat I have on the Brave Browser .... I think I can only use them to tip people. Not sure how to do that either ???? Oh well.... I guess I will be a billionaire with no way to retrieve my Billions.... I set up my Youtube and Twitter to get BAT tips.... and get a lot there too. I think. ??? Who knows.

You have me intrigued. You are a crypto faucet guru. 😷👍

Lots of pennies add up fast when you stake them and forget about them....

Collecting them everywhere.... sometimes I forget about them and then remember them and say wow... those sure added up. Happened with some Ante / Bet / wink coins that paid lots in TrX .... staked and forgot about those too...

I wish I had converted all my millions of BAT to Bitcoin a month ago. ... maybe ...

Be kind to yourself. Hindsight's 20:20.

I've been obsessed with BAT for a while now. Fortunately for me, I've gotten more deeply involved/invested with BAT over the past few weeks/months and today's rally was a nice reminder of why I think it's so fundamentally great.

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Good call.