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Lately when you think of the internet, it may be hard to come up
with a straight answer. I will say #Tik tok crave we see all over the world.
#Social media took another turn for the best. I want to mention #Whatsapp
that enable people from all over the world to talk almost for free.
What I remembered from the internet in 1999 is way different now in 2020.

First school will start and kids need it for learning and doing homework.
Videoconferencing is another huge hit now. No need to mention names, most people
meet via #Zoom. The use case for the internet could be overwhelming in a bit. But there is more
the #Internet can do to the world apart from sending emails and watch movies nonstop.
#Amazon is a true story in that regard. When you think at this company, you see all the trucks in your city delivering packages.

I am going somewhere else where Amazon is leading the economy of the internet.
Their service AWS powered a lot sites and companies backbone business in the web.
Just using the #Hive blockchain could have something to do with AWS.
Amazon knew a while back in order to have a site constantly available over the world,
they need to have access to a lot of servers. You can see how valuable is the internet, during covid-19 mostly all ISPs were helping families to have unlimited data service during the month of May and June.

This is where innovation come to fruition. Crypto currency brings another challenge to the internet.
I can say these two words are interchangeable. When you say crypto, you immediately say internet.
Unless you live under a rock, #crypto breathes fresh life to the need of the world wide web.
It is the asterisk that will give internet the value it needs since its existence.

Further from the truth crypto encompasses the need to have internet service.
Even thoughit is getting less expensive to get the service in certain areas, it is necessary
for the internet to involve in order to handle the traffic crypto will bring to it.
In couple of years everyone will have your crypto account. I do not want to say only #Btc
will benefit from it. The percentage of crypto right now may not measure #Forex, but the trust factor
will change direction and you will see through #Forex the adoption of crypto all over.

The internet will get faster and better. #Crypto adoption has one direction to take and its brilliance
just confirmed the reason you see more and more exchange are serving their territory.
Does it make sense to have a fast internet connection ? It accounts for the same deed to have a faster
banking system. #Crypto is amassing the momentum of a sleeping giant.
It already eats the lunch of the bank, unless they get onboard it will eat their supper.
The deciding factor belong to each community.
Be safe and be ready to hodl through HPUD.

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This is an opinion I can get behind. The internet is essential to almost every aspect in life right now, not just the economy. The fact that I learn any skill I'm interested in (like gardening and pruning tomatoes for example) would not be possible without this infrastructure. 💡

"Unless you live under a rock..." - This would be especially true for developed countries. However in developing countries this is not the case. Some people in rural areas are just now getting access to electricity, let alone internet and crypto.

AWS is definitely one of the frameworks any aspiring developer should look into (which I am doing as we speak) 🙃

The next step would be to improve the way internet is delivered through decentralized peer-to-peer networks. Simply said a crypto powered internet. There are companies that are already tackling this. 📡

Few get behind the mixture of internet with crypto.
It validates what growth will be in the next decade.
Without electricity, no easy way of getting internet, even say crypto.
Hopefully the world as a whole will catch up.

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I believe most of the world will catch up.
And even though the pandemic is very far from an ideal situation, it does force societies and governments to move even closer in unison to the digital era.

In Suriname (where I live) they have started promoting digital forms of banking even more and started brainstorming ways to bring the city and services it offers (including electricity closer to extremely rural areas and the interior to create decentralization.

This is true. What few realize is that cryptocurrency closed one of the big flaws in the original internet protocols. This means that commerce is now native to the internet whereas it took a layer 2 solution.

So the greater the expansion of the Internet, the better it is for cryptocurrency.

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What a combination for success.
#Crypto will indeed show there is another use case
for internet.
I am not sure there is another one than commercialize the internet.

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