So you want to take over the world? HIVE Draft Proposal - Feedback and people wanted

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Project Title - Global Marketing Campaign funded via Merchandising

Proposal Type - Marketing/Hive Service/Advertising/

Cost - Cheap as possible

Labor:  Need coder(s)/designer(s)
3rd party payments:  Unknown/maybe none
Recurring costs:  Should become self-sustaining

Cost and expected completion date by milestone

Phase 1 - Design interface to purchase pre-designed HIVE merchandise via third party company, with HIVE, $, £, etc. Pay coder(s) + designer(s)
Phase 2 - Design decentralized fund to receive income from merchandise sales specifically for marketing via billboards and other advertising structures in major cities. Pay coder(s) + designer(s)
Phase 3 - Project becomes self-sustaining via funding from Merchandise sales

Need to fund coder(s)/designer(s). Offers welcome.

Project Summary/Description

"I want a HIVE hat and other cool Merch. I'm sure many other people do too. I also want a proper marketing campaign not based on twitter (which barely anyone uses), and would prefer a strategy invading the real world."

  1. Design an interface to purchase HIVE merchandise on HIVE.Blog/Peakd, etc, using HIVE, $, £ etc (or via easy external links). via a third party custom Merchandise seller.

  2. Income from Merchandise sales goes to a decentralized fund solely for cool marketing to showcase on advertising structures (billboards etc) in major cities (London tube, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Cape Town, Etc).
    Funds build up over time via merchandise sales, and when enough has been reached, it is released to purchase advertising space.

Quick concepts I stole this image from here


It feeds back into itself, as the more people attracted to HIVE, the more people there will be buying cool Merchandise to support their blockchain, and look cool.


  1. Cool merchandise which passively advertises when worn, as well as creation of funds to fund buying up advertising space for global takeover.
  2. More functionality of front-ends via something to buy for yourself, or friends, while supporting your blockchain.

What happens if the proposal becomes unfunded?

Goal is to create self-funding fund via merchandise sales. Should hopefully be cheap and easy enough to set up.

Feedback and people wanted

So this project needs someone to code/design. I don't have time to do any of that, but hope for someone(s) in the community who has much experience to be a part of this. Let me know what you think, or any trouble that this project could come into, or barriers to overcome.

Thanks for reading. I have tried to keep it as brief as possible. If you don't understand anything or think I should elucidate things further please ask questions.

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Sounds awesome! I'd love to buy some HIVE merch!

merch is something that can really bring attraction and this community has some great graphic content creator that can make it more appealing to the mainstream will be great overall :)

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