Ignorance is Bliss - Not Always - RUNE

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We tend to enjoy our life and consider "Ignorance" a bliss. That could be true when you would enjoy your life far from the madding crowd. When it comes to crypto, ignorance is not always bliss. Lack of information can rekt you, and how.

Take a look at RUNE.

RUNE chart.jpeg

One of the benefits to be on Leofinance platform is to sensitize yourself with information that is not available out in the public. Platform users have varied interests and expertise. While having fun with engagement and association, users may also receive information that could be beneficial if used sensibly.

RUNE is one of the projects that I noticed on Leofinance when @jk6276 wrote a post about it. Elon Musk of Leofinance (guess??) then published a couple of articles on RUNE and their proposed roadmap on cross chain operability. Although I am not a technical individual and don't know much about blockchain I figured this project does have a community and a group of developers backing it.

With the sensitization, I bought RUNE when it was 40 cents. I sold them when it reached 55 cents and felt really good about it. It dipped again and I bought some at 39 cents. Now, here's a catch. I missed the last couple of posts on RUNE as I was not paying attention. This time around, I sold my RUNE when it reached 70 cents thinking it will go down again. Never did I think the pump was associated with the ongoing RUNE project development :)

I am not regretting but I am regretting the fact that I should have been more alert about the ongoing development. That's why, ignorance is not bliss when you are making trading/investment decisions. That may hold true in fiction but the game of numbers requires you to remain informed.

Yes, I made some profit but greedy me is still thinking about that 1 RUNE - 1 $ Binance chart.

Stay alert, read and engage on Leofinance for that golden coin.

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At least you made profits. Now choose another coin to trade, or why not wait RUNE to dip again. If it gets to 50 cents I am buying it as well. I was thinking to do that when it was 35 but thought it's too high to enter back then. Call me ignorant :))

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We are all ignorant, technically speaking :)
Yes, I made some profit and I am happy about that. It is really tough to find a right coin to go after. We need time and resources. That's why Leofinance is great as we get the internal gossips.

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I've done a good trade with AVA after reading about it on leofinance.

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May be you will be again super happy if it dip below 70 cents.

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I will definitely be happy. I may bag some RUNE :P

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