Australia Wants A CBDC Too, What Does This Mean For The Aussie Fiat For Now???

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Data showed that the Australian economy declined -7% quarter on quarter, representing the deepest contraction recorded 1959 and the first recession in Australia for 30 years. Now the Aussie government wants a CBDC, but that won't solve their fiat woes. In the meantime, where is the Aussie dollar headed next, lets go to the video.


I’m a supply and demand trader. The premise of supply and demand trading is when the market makes a sharp move up or down the large institutions i.e banks/hedge funds are not able to get their entire trade placed into the market, leaving pending orders to buy or sell at the zone with the expectation the market will return to the zone and the rest of their trading position will be filled.

I use multiple time frame (MTF) analysis to improve my discretionary trading decisions. MTF analysis involves analyzing the same asset on multiple time frames. The rule of thumb when using MFT is you want your charts to scale down/up by 4X – 6X. In my case I tend to look at:

Monthly Charts (curve time frame) – which represents that jet fighter flying over the football stadium.
Weekly Charts (trend time frame) – which represents the concession stands looking down at the field.
Daily Charts (entry time frame) – which represents being on the football field with the player.
4 Hr Charts (entry time frame) – which represents the center hiking the ball to the quarterback.

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While it's almost laughable to say a rate cut from 0.25% to 0.10% will do anything, I'm going to try and make the case haha.

Now that the state of Victoria has all but eradicated community transmission of COVID-19, they're the last remaining to ease all lockdowns. So that's the whole of Aus now all but COVID-free and fully open for business heading into the Christmas retail boom.

Any little bit of extra money that regular Joe is going to save on his mortgage in November/December is going to go straight into the spending account and right back into the economy.

Recession? What recession! ;)

As for CBDCs, all I can say is lol.

If everyone else is doing it, the RBA and banks here may as well jump on the bandwagon. Don't want to miss the boat and not be able to track your citizen's spending down to the cent!

This CBDC shit, will simply act as an ad for buying real crypto.

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As China goes, so will Australia. I totally agree, CBDCs means it's time to load up on Bitcoin, I'm personally a bit scare of CBDCs

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