splinterlands daily swear fest - another shit worthless day

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played a few early rounds and actually had a decent rounds

never mind - win 3 lose 3 LOL

quitting here so i can stay in gold 2 at least until the daily and i lose my ass again

crap - fire splinter for the daily, not my best summoner

yeah, losing the first match for the daily pretty much set the tone

3 in a row lost - fuck , just another shitty day of this shitty season

lose 5 - win 1

you guessed it -

lose another 6 - mother fucker right back to fucking gold 3 again

if this fucking deck cant even keep me above gold 3 i seriously dont know why it's even fucking rated at $600 any mother

oh shit - i won a match

time to lose another fucking league and go back to silver

oh look - more fucking gold cards kicking my ass

noshit - another fucking 6 in a row losing streak

well, fucking pussed out and took the daily in fucking gold 3 before i lost another 30 fucking matches for the day

and the cards were so fucking worthless it wasnt even worth a screen shot today

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My suspicion was that it's pretty shit lower down the leagues, it's bad enough in the upper diamond leagues with a deck valued at $2000

Just larger investors milking the fuck out the game.

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im usually up in diamond 3/ diamond 2 by this time - i'm just having a rough season - i notice there seems to be way more level 8 / high level gold cards , which is good i guess - it means people are buying them LOL

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It's why I rarely get annoyed when I lost - it means the value of my investment. is going up!

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