splinterlands daily swear fest - better than yesterday

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

switched to dragons w/death and instant win streak back to gold 2 with more points than i started with LOL

tried a few before the daily - getting my ass stomped by level 8's again

i've been burning up my $dec capture rate faster than i can replenish

son of a bitch - network problem and i lost a match - man thats the worst

dammit - life splinter for the daily - i wont be seeing gold 1 any time soon

i had a 2 win run going - then fucking enminers showed up

motherfucker - here comes all the big money decks when i'm one win from getting the daily

annnddd there's three fucking losses in a row AGAIN - right back where i fucking started

finished right where i started - just took the daily there becuse i had a long ass daily

well, the cards weren't total dogshit at least

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