splinterlands daily swear fest - finally made it to gold 2

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

i had a 2 win streak - annnddd - got fooked

SWEET - i finally got a 3 win streak ;)

hmmm, no neutrals for the daily - this could be interesting

annnnd the dragons get thier ass kicked by level 1's

whoops - forgot and used the chicken LOL

got lucky and smashed an all gold card crew - cheated and used a neutral again

and then lost the next on e to the fucking enminers assholes

still can't get a decent run going

son of a bitch - every time i get anywhere close to gold 1 i hit a fucking losing streak

oh look - i can sure as fuck lose 3 in a goddamn row

yay, i finally won a match, they were all level 1's too - i can't fucking believe interesting

HOLY SHIT - i got a 3 win streak and made it to gold 2 !!!

annndd - the rewards are still garbage

see you on the battlefield one more tomorrow ;)

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