splinterlands daily swear fest - meh

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splinterlands daily swear fest -

trying to get back to gold league - just got my ass kicked by lavel 1's - i still fucking hate how that works

win 3 - lose 1

win 3 - lose 1

i'm right back where i fucking started - looks like i'll be stuck in fucking silver league for a bit

finally got a decent fucking run and beasted it back into gold 3

annndd it's my shitty life splinter for the daily - back to silver league i gold

hangin on to gold 3 barely - can't get a fucking streak more than 2 though

win 1 - lose 2

win 1 - lose 3 - motherfucker

well, finished the daily in gold 3 - stupid sniping tool went wacky on the image grab

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