splinterlands daily swear fest - meh

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playing a few early rounds - and can't get a streak more than 2 - AGAIN

i can sure as fuck lose 3 in a row - every fucking day

win 1 - then BAM, all fucking gold cards - i can't can't even get a fucking 2 win streak started here LOL

took a break for a bit - come back to all level 8's just fucking wiping their ass with my cards

goddammit - nothing worse than almost hitting the next league and getting your ass kicked

win 1 - lose 3

win 1 - lose 3

there went that 100 fucking points AGAIN - it'ss be a fucking miracle if i even get out of gold 3 this season

earth splinter for the daily

got my ass kicked by a level 8 right from the started

holy crap - i actually got a decent run today - with my worst splinter

well nothing special there - see you degens tomorrow

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