Day No 96 Bitcoin vs Gold

in LeoFinance •  last month 

Screenshot 20200921 at 6.14.37 AM.png

After the weekend, we are now on to 7 straight days wherein my $100 USD purchase of Bitcoin is valued greater than my $100 USD purchase of gold. It's amazing to me that gold has flatlined as much as it has over the past +30 days...what do those gold bugs know that we don't know?

It also looks like Bitcoin is back to being correlated to SPX this morning. As I write this, S&P futures are down -1.61%, while NASDAQ futures are -1.40%. Bitcoin is -2.60% and gold -1%. Just when I was hoping that Bitcoin was getting back to being non-correlated to the SPX, this morning is currently happening. Maybe the POTUS obsession with TikTok is messing up the simulation once again? Stats we knew before COVID don't work anymore? I don't know; I'm no financial advisor, but I do continue to HODL.

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