Scaredy Cat Investor Show - Interview Replay with D.Buzz Dapp's @nathansenn

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Do you post on Twitter? You should get to know D.Buzz if you do! Here is my conversation with D.Buzz Dapp rep @nathansenn that occurred live on Tuesday's Scaredy Cat Investor Show!


Found out more about the Dapp here:

Scaredy Cat Investor Show - Live Tuesday's at 5pm EDT on MSPWAVES!

Listen on discord:
Join audience chat:
Watch the live stream on Vimm TV:

Scaredy-Cat-Guide-Logo (1).png

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Thank you for interviewing @nathansenn 😀

It was a great show.

I hope the DApp gets some traction.

Sadly, we are going to see the quality content versus growth camps fighting each other.

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Already happening Bernie sent me negative for now, cant have a discussion or conversation on the topic with out massive flags from the Bernie man

Very excited to see this project starting to get some traction and thank you @scaredycatguide for taking the time to interview.