Numismatics Invest or Not

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Afternoon everyone.....

I know that most people are scared or hesitant to start investing in numismatics. But I’m here to try and put that to rest.

I’m going to be starting a series shortly on numismatics which will help you not only understand them, but give you the tools necessary to sound decisions on them as well.

So what exactly is a “numismatic” ???

A numismatic is any coin, bank note, token or currency that’s value is greater then the face value or metal content of the item.

Here are a couple quick examples:

A 1955 double die Lincoln cent. The face value is one cent, the metal content being 90% copper is about three cents. But one in just “fair” condition will sell for in the area of $20. And these still to this day are found in pocket change. Not a bad return on your money there.

A 2019 Washington quarter with a “W” Mint mark. The “W” designated that it was struck at the West Point Mint. They are in circulation and are selling for between $5-$7 in nice circulated condition. The face value is twenty five cents. The metal content is irrelevant since it’s a clad coin. And yes these can also be found in your pocket change. But I wouldn’t be selling these yet. A good keeper coin for now.

Over the next several weeks or months or however long it takes. I am going to be breaking down all the basics of numismatics. I will start of with basics and get more involved on specifics subjects as we move forward.

I welcome anyone at any time to make comments or ask question below.

There is WAY more money to be made in numismatics then just buying bullion.

Not that buying Bullion is bad, but I do believe in diversification. Just like any other investment.

I have over 30 years experience with numismatics and would like to share my knowledge with anyone interested.

Please let me know if you are interested in this type of posts.

Here is a beauty to look at.....




Thanks for stopping by....


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Yes, I agree. Generics will always be worth spot price. For a couple of dollars more one can gamble that a current Silver Mexican Libertad will double, in value, like many older numismatic coins. But one better study it before they try to turn a 2x into a 4x. Thanks for sharing your experience, @silverd510.

Looking forward to your Numi classes.

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