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Silvertop where have you been???

Yes it's about time ....I dug through the Silver stack, and I found another in the series of North American Hunting Club/North American Big Game Silver rounds!🤗

I remember saying that I only had the one Silver round the Big Horn Sheep......
These again are a series of 27 North American Hunting Club's proof Silver .999 rounds.


Now the Reverse of this Silver round has drawn a question from my friend @ronaldoavelino, about just why does an Eagle need that rifle to hunt........Any takers on that question...🤔


This above photo is interesting, and this is for my good friend and fellow stacker and shadow photographer @silversaver888

So this is number 2 out of 27 in this .999 Fine Silver round collection the Alaskan Yukon Moose.
I was very surprised to find this Silver round, and I was even more surprised to find that these majestic creatures live up in my neck of the woods in Washington.

I would love to see one up close and personal!!!😀


Of course this Silver round comes in the protective plastic capsule, and back it goes!!



31.1g on both the Obverse and the Reverse spot on......

I will be digging into the Silvertop stack for more of these, stay tuned!🤗

Silvertop Mike!😀

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Sure, the eagle is a hunting bird of prey, thus the rifle seems redundant but its more than a symbol to emphasize it's place in the food chain, this symbolic device an anthropomorphism representing a group, a purpose or an operational concept.
So with certain US Military divisions have Insignias that show an eagle with Lightning bolts, rifles, etc., and even missiles (nukes)!

The next time I venture out from sheltering in place and I see that Eagle with the rifle I’m never coming back out ! Lol 😳😇👍

My first thought is what could have possibly happened to the hunter?
An Eagle with a Barrett 50 Cal... you can't run far enough..... fast enough....

LOL you have a point @kerrislravenhill......Was that a gunshot!!😳

Wow, really cool silver round. I looked up this set and the whole thing is amazing.

Thanks my friend, now I wish I had the complete set!😊
I just might have one more from this set ..... I will dig deep into the stack Lol👍🤗
Have a safe day !!!👍

Where do you get all your fantastic silver! You have a select stack of silver art rounds and all are great strikes. I imagine that you are very picky with your silver, and that you put a lot of thought into buying the piece/pieces that you get from your LCS. Awesome addition to your stack, my friend! STACK ON!!!! There are 27 in that set!
Stay safe and take care @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

These were an accidental find @silversaver888 😇
It looks to be a very nice set of 27 Silver rounds, how nice it would be to have the complete set!😊
Wednesday already.... enjoy your day my friend!!🥰🥰😊

It is a very nice set, seeing that the US Mint is not a "commercial" and for profit Mint (unlike other mints, LOL), this is the best set, I think, that shows American Wildlife, and appropriately sponsored by the Hunting Club, which makes it really special! You got the 999 fine silver ones... it is also available in silver-plated rounds, which are as pretty as the .999 fs.
And I love the shadow that you captured, my friend! Another lovely detail!🥰🥰😊

I am glad that you liked this post @silversaver888, It would be nice to have the complete set. I checked into this series, and I also noticed that they had a plated version. That's a nice way to offer this collection at a low cost to collectors that might not care about the .999 fs........LoL are their people like that!😇🙄
Gray skies and hard rain today, I don't think I will find any shadow's outside, but I couldn't resist the shadow on this Silver round🤗
Enjoy your evening my friend!😍😍😀