American Big Game...Big Horn Sheep Silver!!!😀

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Silvertop found this deep in the stack, and I wanted to share.....😀
This is one in a series of 27 North American Hunting Club's proof Silver .999 rounds.


I found out that their is a Certificate of Authenticity that should be with the Silver round that is missing, but it is clearly marked .999 Fine Silver

Screen shot photo by Silvertop

I also found the same Proof listed on Ebay going for $44.94 .....Too high for my buying taste!🙄
I picked this Silver round up for $16.00......


This Silver round comes in it's own productive capsule!

Now the Obverse scale test.... 31.3g



The Reverse exactly the same!!!😀

A very nice Silver round to add to the stack in these strange stacking times!!!
I hope you enjoyed!!!


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What a wonderful find, my friend!!! I am always glad to find wildlife designs in rounds because the US Mint (unlike other mints) focuses on American symbols for coins and whatever is related to a commemorative coin, and there are a few wildlife that is iconic... the American Bald Eagle, The American Buffalo, the California bear, etc.
HAPPY EASTER, my friend @silvertop 🐣 🥰🌺🤙

I learned that that there are a 27 different coins! I believe this is the only one I have....
A very Blessed Easter my friend!!!😍😍😀