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This two Ounce Silver round was minted in remembrance of the 50th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
This surprise air attack was on a Sunday morning at 7:48 AM.

Japan later that day declared War on the U.S., and Congress declared War on Japan on December 8.......


Such a long time ago....Now we are allies and we are fighting an invisible enemy .........

On to the good parts about this Silver round! 😀


Number 0972 out of how many minted???....any stackers recognize this Silver round and have this answer?

Two Oz .999 Fine Silver.....
The Obverse: "Stars and Stripes Forever"
The Reverse:"In Remembrance 50th Anniversary December 7, 1941"


Now the Weigh in.......62.6g on the Obverse.... .4g over Silvertop is rich!!😇


The same on the Reverse 62.6g .....

I just checked the spot price of Silver tonight and the asking price is $14.50......
The precious metal dealers that I checked online are selling generic Silver at a minimum of 25% premium...

Remember if you don't hold it you don' own it!😀

Silvertop ......Mike😀


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That round is special and really nice that it is in two 2oz silver. I always wondered what that FG stands for, is that the designer or the mnt/foundry name. It is both on the front and back f the round. I recall going with my grandfather who always wanted to see the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii, he was a WII Vet. The 2 oz round by ELemental Mint depicts the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii.
Thanks for sharing that lovely round, my friend.
Be safe and take care @silvertop 🥰🌺🤙

I am glad you liked it @silversaver888! I would love to see this memorial sometime...after this Corona pandemic is over!
Round trip air is $49.00 to Hawaii now, no thank you....🙃
I experimented with the posting on this, and it did a double post on Hive.
It did go into our Community, and LeoFinance Community!
I'll work on that......I believe I can fix this!😇
Take care my friend, and continue to stay safe !!😍😍😀