For someone silver heart!😀

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With everything that is changing on our blockchain, and now the Corona Virus I thought it was time for Silvertop to show a little Silver Love my friends!😍

I think the World for the first time is in this together, and I keep seeing slogans stating " We are all in this together"
So a bit of Silver Love is in order tonight!!


I can not find any mint markings on this ....shall we say round, so I can't tell you where it came from other than it is marked : 1 Troy Oz. .999 Fine Silver, with "For Someone Special on the reverse.
The Obverse has "I Love You"and two panda's cuddling!

Now the critical test.....


31.3g on the Obverse I think Silvertop will definitely be able to retire in a gain of .2g......😇


31.3g on the Reverse....a match!!

So to all Steem Silver Gold friends this is my Silver Heart!!!

We are all in this together!!!


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I have already commented on steemit, but I don't like zero comments...:=)

Thanks Ron, I think this will get easier soon, I think i am commenting in circles LOL!!😀

Very nice! I love hearts and have a collection of them. But you and the Mrs... you both have hearts of gold!
Take care, my friend 🥰🌺🤙.

Ahhh...😍...Thank caught me speechless!😍😍😀