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Silvertop what is this?????🤔

I win, I win!!!
Silvertop never wins anything, so when the Mrs convinced me to enter @slverd510 Silver raffle I wasn't expecting anything...... THEN!!!!😳


Now tell me you don't feel the excitement building.......LOL!!!


Silvertop can you just open this package???
Actually I have been sitting on this package, just waiting for the perfect moment to post this, so I am excited to see what's inside too!!!


Christmas in July, to be specific silver Christmas in July!

This is an awesome Golden State Mint Christmas silver round!!!🤗


That's nice!!!!


Don't wait for Christmas my friends, with silver just over $19.00 today, go stack some true wealth.......
" If you don't hold it you don't own it "

Merry Christmas my friends!!!
Silvertop Mike😀

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Yes, it is always nice to find a Christmas Gift in the mailbox. Especially in July. Silvertop has been a good boy!

A very good boy LOL!😇

Christmas in July, Very nice! Cool silver round and even better that you won it.

Thank you so much @maddogmike,have a wonderful day!😀

So, you finally decided to post your beautiful round! I am only waiting for @elizabethbit's one...

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LOL ...I told her just now, she started laughing!! I think she will post soon, I beat her, and she is very competitive!😇😍

Finally posted it. Congrats

LOL I know it was about time my friend.....Life gets busier every day😀

Really nice! So appropriate.. CHRIISTMAS IN JULY! I think that starting this year, O shall get me a year dated Christmas Silver Round. I have year dated hand-poured silver bars, but Christmas Silver Rounds like what you won can be placed in ornament capsules and one can hand it on the tree! Okay, then... I have decided! Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing your raffle win with us! Congratulations!
Have a lovelyday day, and take care, my friend @silvertop. 🥰🌺🤙
[PS, I just noticed this, and I thought that is is very unusual:

That is very strange @silversaver888...I know the votes were much higher .....
For Christmas, I always procrastinate, so it might be a good idea to start early😇
I always have good intensions LOL!!😊
Have a good day my friend!!😍😍😀

Merry Christmas Past!


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After I talked about this silver round I thought I better kick this post in gear LOL!!!

Merry Christmas, I like the Santa rounds!

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It is nice, Christmas in July my friend, have a very good day!!

Thank You I was very surprised, I never win anything LOL!