Blurt Price Report - November 05 - Coin paprika - Blurt on Sale

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November 05 Exchange Volume.png

Now that blurt is on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko I will still keep doing this report on my thoughts on the daily volume on Ionomy and the other exchanges. The price report will still be done on and hive-engine.

Coin Paprika

While Blurt may not be fully listed on CMC or Coingecko yet as we are not fully trading on two exchanges that they list we are on Coin Paprika. I can not remember why I have found or how I found Coin Paprika but they list Ionomy and that has let blurt be listed on this coin information site.

Screenshot from 2020-11-05 21-07-04.png

I found they have this pretty useful widget if you are running a crypto site or maybe even it could be used on the front ends? Maybe we should embrace the small crypto projects like blurt is and onboard them to blurt.


01 NovLow- 0.00000156 High- 0.00000194$0.020.07 BTC
02 NovLow- 0.00000156 High- 0.00000194$0.020
03 NovLow- 0.00000175 High- 0.00000200$0.02 - $0.030.18 BTC
04 NovLow- 0.00000177 High- 0.00000192$0.02 - $0.030.10 BTC
05 NovLow- 0.00000130 High- 0.00000176$0.02 - $0.030.26 BTC

24h Vol: 0.26BTC / 4105 USD


The volume was almost almost 5k in USD value only it was mostly all sell volume. Volume is volume and I know the blurt market will recover in a short time but most are taking BTC profits. Blurt is now selling super cheap compared to the prices it has been at.

Ionomy November 5Volume - BTC.png

Ionomy USD Volume Blurt5.png


01 NovLow - 0 High - 0$0.020
02 NovLow - 07 High - 0$0.020
03 NovLow - 0.170 High - 0.226$0.02- $0.0313,567 HIVE
04 NovLow - 0.209 High - 0.209$0.02- $0.033,500 HIVE
05 NovLow - 0.192 High - 0.2129$0.02- $0.034,905 HIVE

24h Vol: 4,905 HIVE / $561.03

For the first time in a 5 days the volume on hive-engine has been sell. Even with the price staying at the same hive it self has been dropping in price so this is still cheap and your able to pick up about 5 blurt per hive.

Hive November Volume - BTC5.png

Hive-Engine USD Volume Blurt5.png


01 NovLow - High -$0Steem
02 NovLow - High -$0Steem
03 NovLow - High -$012 Steem
04 NovLow - High -$012 Steem
05 NovLow - High -$00 Steem

24h Vol:

When it comes to stex and beldex the volume is still super low, I think that stex having such a heavy KYC is going to make it hard for most to trade on this exchange.

This is not financial advice**

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You can find me in the canna-curate discord or the blurt discord at any time.

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