Weekly News Update (May 2020 - Week 3)

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It’s time, Solairites (🤷‍♂️😝?), for another Solairitas Weekly News Update!

We continue to powerdown on Steem and with the new rules only 4 weeks remain. We will now focus entirely on the Hive blockchain.

This week we sold 37 SOL! 😄 Thanks to @eirik, @siphon (who bumped up into the 50% tier), and @j85063 for showing continued support, and welcome to our newest member: @recording-box! Glad you’ve joined! 🥳

This week we also posted an updated version of the White Paper, adding a bit more detailed explanation of the token itself and editing out all references to Steem.

With HF23, steemauto (and steemvote, I believe) have ceased operations, and hence so have Solairitas and Solairibot on that chain. This underscores the need for the project to be entirely independent (having its own server and programming) and not to be dependent on a third party service.

Solairitas Discord server is effectively abandoned. News and information are available in our channel in the Eco Zone server.

Solairibot continues growing and has now accrued 63.098 HP on its own! I have once again set @solairibot as a 5% beneficiary on this post to help it grow as well.

Solairibot will be released into the wild for testing here soon™️. Starting to sound like a broken record here, I know. I’m still trying to think of ways to make the project more interactive, somehow gamify things, but I haven’t gotten any good ideas yet. Thanks to @cwow2 for looking to set up some sort of contest with SOL as a prize. 😃

We are still saving HBD for the purpose of submitting a funding proposal to the Hive DAO and are currently at 1.535/10 HBD. Presearch and Brave Browser might be good ways to advertise the project.

We’re still seeking any and all input from the community with regard to how much we should propose and for how long. What do you think is reasonable?

Voting power continues to remain in the high nineties, and so the rough tiers will continue to remain as they are. We did have a bit of a blip there for a short while down into the eighties, but we seem to have recovered. However, in not too long a time, the intention is to raise the lowest tier (25% vote) from 10 SOL to 25.

The Ramble’s Pimp Your Post Thursday on Discord is on temporary break. Ill be on to promote the project again (11 am EST) as soon as it returns; you really should join us! 😀

Current Status:







HE Balances:



Incoming delegation of SPORTS: 200,000
Incoming delegation of NEOXAG: 6,000

Weekly sales total: 37 SOL
Current HP: 1,687.908 + 3,612.718 (.138 HTU 100%)
Solairibot HP: 63.098 + 1,257.196 (.034 HTU 100%)
Number of token holders: 48
Number of tokens held: 1214 + 9900
Phase: 2/8

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Steemvote also operate under the name hive.vote here on hive with the same dev behind it :D

I am still looking for a way to do the contest, I have just been really busy with work lately, so haven't gotten time to think more about it.

I will possible write a draft of the contest this weekend (No promises!) :D

No worries and no hurries. 😁

Thanks for the update 👍