Weekly News Update (May 2020 - Week 4)

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It’s time, Solairipeeps, for another Solairitas Weekly News Update!

We continue to powerdown on Steem and now only 3 weeks remain. We are now focused entirely on the Hive blockchain.

This week we sold 65 SOL! 😄 Thanks to our members showing continued support!!! 🤩


Solairitas Discord server has been abandoned (although I can’t seem to figure out how to delete it). News and information are available in our channel in the Eco Zone server.

We received some more BEER tokens from @wenchebakken and are now able to give .1 per day (we’re over the new 24 limit).

Solairibot continues growing and has now accrued 66.385 HP on its own! As is the custom, I have once again set @solairibot as a 5% beneficiary on this post to help it grow.

Solairibot will be released into the wild for testing here soon™️. For now, it is happily doing its thing, so is not top on the priority list at the moment.

We are still saving HBD for the purpose of submitting a funding proposal to the Hive DAO and are currently at 1.776/10 HBD. I still think that Presearch and Brave Browser might be good ways to advertise the project, but having done some research into the costs, it won’t come cheap.

We’re still seeking any and all input from the community with regard to how much we should propose and for how long. What do you think is reasonable?

Voting power continues to remain in the high nineties, and so the rough tiers will continue to remain as they are. However, the intention is to raise the lowest tier (25% vote) from 10 SOL to 25, so fair warning.

The Ramble’s Pimp Your Post Thursday on Discord is on temporary break. Ill be on to promote the project again (11 am EST) as soon as it returns; you really should join us! 😀

Current Status:







HE Balances:


Incoming delegation of SPORTS: 200,000
Incoming delegation of NEOXAG: 6,000

Weekly sales total: 65 SOL
Current HP: 1,780.580 + 3,614.884 (.123 HTU 100%)
Solairibot HP: 66.385 + 1,257.950 (.030 HTU 100%)
Number of token holders: 48
Number of tokens held: 1279 + 9900
Phase: 2/8

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Eco Zone

Eco Zone Discord


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Hi @solairitas, you have received a small bonus upvote from MAXUV.
This is to inform you that you now have new MPATH tokens in your Hive-Engine wallet.
Please read this post for more information.
Thanks for being a member of both MAXUV and MPATH!

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for keeping up with the project! 😀


I think its hard for your members to take a shot at how much the DAO should be.

I mean, I would like to know what the cost of the entire project is if the DAO should be used for real life applications.

Also, how much will you relay on the HP you earn from curation? And such. I need numbers

The cheapest Brave campaign I could find was $1500 a month, if I recall correctly. Presearch was around 100000 PRE, whatever that translates to.

Okay cool thanks!

Have you looked at Ecosia? Not sure if you can add ads tho.

Are you only looking at crypto options? Or could mainstream ads also be a thing?

I’m basically wide open. I just figured it might be more successful targeting at people already into crypto in one way or another.


I think there is pro and cons with both. You could onboard a few people possible with money to invest into the project.
A lot of people here is used to earning from Curation or Posts, but not willing to invet full on.

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Do you pay for Presearch ads with PRE? If so, can we donate some PRE to y'all for that purpose?
I tried trading out my first batch of PRE to an outside wallet, and MAN was it a PITA and only worth about $5. It's still sitting in that wallet, because it seems the process to convert it to something else is even more convoluted. I think I need to put some ETH in that wallet to even convert the PRE? I don't know, it's just way more complicated than it needs to be, imo. So tl;dr I'd be happy to contribute some PRE to your cause, lol.

Hey @phoenixwren, here is a little bit of BEER from @solairitas for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Thanks so much for the offer!!!! If we go that route, I'll definitely hit you up.

TBH, I've never had enough to even try and move them, so it sounds like I may have some more frustrations ahead. 😡


You can only move 1000 at a time. No more, no less - or at least that how it was when I tried it a few months ago. Maybe using them to pay for ads would be internal? But then we'd have to figure out how to transfer to you to crowdfund, lol. Their functionality needs more work, imo. :)