HIVE and LEO Author Rewards | Authors Who Earn More in LEO Than in Hive

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HIVE and LEO Author Rewards | Authors Who Earn More in LEO Than in Hive.png

With the creation of the tribe tokens, content creators on Hive now have the ability to earn the base token (HIVE) but also second-layer tribe/community tokens like LEO as well.

Over the past few months, we've introduced a lot of new things and have been pushing updates, developments and an underlying focus on creating sustainable tokenomics with the ad revenue buyback and burns. This has lead to an appreciation in the LEO token price starting from 0.05 HIVE to around 0.16 HIVE where it is currently standing.

One very important effect of this increasing token price is that some authors are making more in LEO than they are in HIVE (though keep in mind that they still earn both LEO and HIVE when they post from our interface. LEO is basically a bonus on top, but now it's starting to look like HIVE is the bonus on top as the value of LEO rewards grow exponentially).

In this report, we will be looking into the top 20 LEO authors and compare their earnings in LEO and HIVE.

We will be looking only at author rewards, both for LEO and HIVE. Curation rewards not included.

Also note that several of the top authors on LEO are also top authors on Hive which makes this top 20 sample set even harder to beat. There are dozens of other content creators who don't make much on Hive and so, they make exponentially more in terms of LEO than they do in terms of HIVE.

Top 20 LEO Authors for June 2020


HBD rewards are converted to HIVE for simplicity.

This might be a hard for comparison but still it gives some reference point for the amount of tokens earned.

When we convert the token values into dollar values the table looks like this:

RankAuthorLEO $HIVE $

The conversion rates for LEO and HIVE are the average price for June 2020, $0.245 for HIVE and $0.047 for LEO.

In the following chart, column 3 shows the total author rewards (HIVE + LEO) in terms of USD. The 4th column shows the % of the total rewards that LEO represents:

RankNameTotal $LEO %

Two fun examples from this data set are @tarazkp and @rollandthomas. Taraz is one of the highest paid authors on Hive and LEO is still able to represent over 5% of his author rewards. Not a bad chunk when you compare the rewards pool sizing of LEO vs. Hive. Rolland is an underappreciated HIVE author, so sitting on the other side of the spectrum, his LEO earnings represent a massive 79% chunk of his total earnings on Hive.

If we take a closer look, we can see that 6 out of the 20 top LEO authors are now earning more in LEO than in HIVE. There are also a few others that are on the same level in terms of LEO earnings. For the rest, the LEO earnings still represent a solid % of their total earnings on the Hive blockchain.

Macro Perspective

There are 784 accounts that have earned LEO author rewards in June 2020. The average earnings for all of them is $4.

Keep in mind, however, that there are a lot of accounts in this data set who earn less than $1 and are not necessarily participating actively in LEO/using our interface but rather just throwing the tag on some of their posts.

A more accurate way to count this data could be to take the number of accounts who have more than $1 earned from author rewards. If we do this calculation, we get 310 total accounts earning more than $1 in LEO author rewards and their average earnings are $11.

On the Hive side there are 6185 accounts with more than $1 earned in author rewards in June 2020. The average earnings for these accounts is $33.

What this means is that if the price of LEO grows by 3x in relation to HIVE, the average earnings for all authors (over $1) on HIVE and LEO will be the same.

Is This The Future of Hive?

The point of this report is to show off what we believe to be the future of Hive. Many other key influencers and leaders on this blockchain have said the very same thing:

Layer 2 tokens will rule the rewards pool one day. Hive will be a bonus and something that communities use to have RCs and other data-related functionalities on Hive while the users themselves focus on earning second-layer tokens.

This report shows, in our opinion, the growing value of being active in a niche community like LEO. When you're a part of a niche community, you have a far greater ability to stand out and make a difference for the community as compared to the larger sea of competition on Hive. The benefit to Hive is that growing LeoFinance also inherently benefits the Hive ecosystem.

When you do things that benefit the LeoFinance community and LEO token economy - i.e. posting/reading content on, sharing LeoFinance content links on social media, creating high-quality and engaging crypto/financial content, etc. - you have a great impact on the future of this community and the underlying platform we're built on (Hive).

The dream is that one day, crypto & finance authors will be drawn to LeoFinance as a means of earning a very real and meaningful income. For some authors on LeoFinance x Hive, this is already a reality.

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Report & Data by @dalz
Co-authored by Khal

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Great analysis and very eye opening...two take away conclusions:

  1. I am nothing without Leofinance :)
  2. I get no love outside of Leofinance :)


Posted Using LeoFinance

There are cases for people to use communities, the extra reward is one, but also a different set of eyes for different content. Most people would not be interested in account progress reports,

I like having a community where I can share/talk about my account growth, LeoFinance fits that bill for me. It is not like I can post my progress reports in the photography community, or in the writers community, it just would not fit there That is the benefit of communities, people can find a place their content fits.

I do believe this is the future of Hive. Having those tribes that push their platforms forward will see a lot more activity from their user base. What this means is we will see new classes of whales created. While many will not have a ton of HP, they will have large stakes in other areas.

This is showing how there is a great deal more wealth being created than just HIVE.

Posted Using LeoFinance

You rock. You're really a motivation to my interest in Leofinance and LEO. I'll keep doing my best to promote the community. We'll have some more BIG investors coming soon.

Posted Using LeoFinance

LEO Rocks!

Posted Using LeoFinance

So true!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Very true.

Posted Using LeoFinance

When you are right, you are right. 😁

Posted Using LeoFinance

I love what you guys are doing for the space. I hope that Hivelist can one day be as big. You guys give awesome value to the community. But I am about to be stepping up my LEO posting game hopefully in the next week when I start posting from my account which I will be posting articles and videos using my market platform It's been a project I have been working on for some time and can't wait posting my content on LEO and HIVE! If you have a banner image for me to put on the site, I would love to add it, just let me know! My posts from that site are going through @steempress and will have leofinance as one of the default tags! Keep doing what you are doing!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Awesome. I can't wait to have LEO added to payment options in How soon would that be?

Posted Using LeoFinance

The possibility of being able to win in both forms is very interesting. People need to know that tribes are the shortest way to increase their earnings.

It's been very, very satisfying to be part of this incredible community. All curators support authors who wish to dedicate themselves.

It is just the beginning, LEO will still be worth a lot and today my goal is to accumulate as much token as possible before it is difficult to earn through the post, as the distribution will be reduced by the immense amount of LEO holders.

I hope that HIVE also has a bright future and I will continue to spread the word about LEO so that more Hive users can join our community.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Yeah, community growth is central to the overall growth of HIVE. hen all communities are as committed as Leofinance, then, we'll see HIVE to the moon.

Posted Using LeoFinance

You are completely right.

Posted Using LeoFinance

The future of Leo looks bright, I might as well delegate more to amass more Leo tokens.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Solid decision.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I didn't know about LEO until last month. Lovely stats.

Posted Using LeoFinance

The stats keep getting better each month.

It is a wonderful progression that is taking place here.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Glad you'd come to know. Your writes are awesome and are most fit posted through

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm very surprised that LEO makes up a third of my total rewards.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Would you have thought it higher or lower?

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'd have thought lower, more in-line with the difference in token prices.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I need to get on tasks's level on HIVE. $$$. 4 years later I still haven't mooned LOL.

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm happy about that, I noticed I earned 7 LEO in curation on just one of yer recent posts.

That's an insane curation return with my stake!

Posted Using LeoFinance

I hope I will be named in list in future wish me luck

Posted Using LeoFinance

Keep posting and commenting through the Leofinance front end, and you will get there.

Posted Using LeoFinance

thanks for tip

Congratulations to all for their efforts!

$300+ for the top leo author :)

Note again here these are authors reward only. If we add the curation rewards for rolland he will be over 500$. This is great for a hive niche community!

Oh, I didn't quite realize that, I just love to write about the markets...not sure how long I will be able to keep up this pace.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Interesting view when curation (and some other LEO payouts) are factored in. Another run up in the price of LEO could mean we are getting close to a bunch of people earning a living off of LEO.

That will be a grand day when we arrive there.

Posted Using LeoFinance

That would be awesome indeed

I can't even imagine that at the moment, but that would be an incredible feat.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Really interesting data!
thanks for sharing!

Posted Using LeoFinance

Very interesting report, you guys are killing it in the LEO community!

Posted using Dapplr

My journey here has been only a couple of months. I've learnt a lot TBH, and I feel overall, the entire platform, along with all the authors, curators, and investors are doing a good job.
I hope one day my name also takes a small place on this list :D

Posted Using LeoFinance

Nice analysis. I still need to understand the concept of primary and secondary tokens. But, one thing I realized is the fact that Leofinance does provide an added advantage to authors by giving them a platform specific to what they want to post and engage on.

I also like the concept of specialized platforms on Hive blockchain which would me bigger and broader than the concept of Hive communities. I am beginning to be sold by the concept. More posts on Leofinance for sure.😇

Whoaaa doggy between the two I'm earning like $280 bucks a month. I'm moving to costa rica I will live like a king I tell you!

Posted Using LeoFinance

I can't help but think the same thing - I'm moving to Portugal, although I'm a way living off Hive/ LEO.

I think it'd be quite scary viewing earnings as something to live off, it's much easier on the old anxiety levels seeing them as savings/ investments, to be drawn down whenever our various 'out points' are.

Posted Using LeoFinance

  ·  last year (edited)

Posts like this one are very helpful to us "numbers guys" @dalz / @steem.leo. I'm sure it took a considerable amount of time to pull this all together. Great job!

New to keeping track of what is going on with the LEO community, I will see about doing better. Posts like this one will definitely help.

P.S. Steem.Leo? No new Hive.Leo or something similar?

Posted Using LeoFinance

Sorry for being so late to the game, but just to make sure I'm clear, to earn LEO, I just post and comment using the LEO interface?

Am I able to post in hive communities when doing so, or do all posts go to a LEO community?

Posted Using LeoFinance

The stats for my account prove that for smaller, highly specialised authors, you can receive more rewards in tribes like LEO than HIVE.

The emergence of LeoFinance was what reinvigorated me as a content creator, so I owe a huge thank you to this community.

Posted Using LeoFinance

My new goal is to make this list! This is awesome though. LEO is so cool

Posted Using LeoFinance

I'm gobsmacked to sneak into the T20 there, I only do the odd post through LEO, although I have been focusing a bit more on it recently.

That's bang-on what I thought I earned - 90-10 Hive to Leo ratio.

Painfully aware that's the largest difference on that list!

I get the feeling that will improve this month for sure.

Nice analysis, must check out the Discord more often, that's where I came across this.

Posted Using LeoFinance

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I had since discovered this and the reason I post nearly 99% of my post through LeoFinance. I learnt from Taskmaster that we can build a solid community by increased engagement. I hope to do more. Indeed, leofinance tabs literally run in my PC for almost all of the hours I'm online. LeoFinance is a great community and it's not a waste to devote to build it.

Thanks @dalz for this awesome stats. We'll be having more eyes on LEO and Leofinance now coupled with this post I created earlier today.

Posted Using LeoFinance

Layer 2 tokens will rule the rewards pool one day. Hive will be a bonus and something that communities use to have RCs and other data-related functionalities on Hive while the users themselves focus on earning second-layer tokens.

Exactly this. I still think 99% of second layer tokens will barely worth anything. The ones that do will create a situation similar to what ETH DAPPs are doing in terms of price action.

If we could get financial publications (like to accept HIVE, things will get really good for LEO.

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