Splinterlands - A very difficult season just ended

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Hi everyone,

I don't know how you experienced the last Splinterlands season, but for me it was the most difficult one. I tried hard, but still I didn't manage to go beyond Diamond I.


Before the new rules for rewards I was constantly in the Champion league, but now it proved a very different experience. Lot of great players refused to get promoted in the top league, and instead chose to fight in the Diamond I for the booster packs rewards:


Personally, I finished the season with a rating of 3442, and I managed to gather 8185 DEC during the past 15 days.

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Last season was the least fun, that's for sure. The matchup system is just completely broken. With my main account I also got stuck in Diamond and get matched with players that have much higher level summoners all the time. With my 2nd account I was fighting to get inside the top 25 and always got matched with way lower summoner level players winining alost every game. A win gained 3 points, a rare loss -30. Getting inside the payout spots is just a matter of playing a crazy amount of matches which favors the bots.

I like the fact that rewards have been reduced, but splinterlands as a game right now is just pure pay2win garbage. The sad part is that the devs don't seem to see it this way and still think the new system is great.

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it was one of the hardest seasons, and i need to reconsider the time i spend playing.

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