1957 Canadian One Dollar Coin

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This is a one dollar Canadian coin minted in 1957. It is made of 80% silver and 20% copper. The coin weighs 23.336g in total and the ASW: Actual Silver Weight is 0.6oz. This is the total amount of silver in this coin.


This coin is know as the Voyageur dollar and was designed by Emanuel Hahn. There was a total mintage of 496,389 coins which seems relatively low but I am not well versed in Canadian coinage so I could be wrong.


The other side has a picture of Queen Elizabeth the II.

I came across this coin online last week and bought it for myself as a birthday gift and I am glad I did as I really like these Canadian dollars.

I am also excited that the weekend starts tomorrow, have a good one!!

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I remember we used to have a hard time spending Canadian coins because they weren't worth as much as U.S. dollars. I didn't even think to see if they were silver way back in the early 1980s.

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Yep, It always felt like play money.

Ahhhhh, the 80s...

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Treat yo self! 💥

I did!


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Awesome coin dude. I think between me and @thedamus we have the other 496,388. Lol

I bet you do! HAAAHAHAHAHA

...yup 😲😜🤣

Any gift to yourself is a great gift ;)

@tipu curate

#truth :)
Thanks @mawit07

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That's a very nice Birthday present to yourself @summertooth!!! It has been a long week my friend!!😅

I love the old Canadain dollars @silvertop, maybe if yo ulook hard on your next hike you will see one on the trail?


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Real silver...on my hiking trail!🤑 I would hike 30 miles uphill barefoot for "real silver"!😇 Catch you tomorrow at Noon my friend!!


It is quite a nice coin @silversaver888! Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow.

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I wouldn't miss it @summertooth 🥰🌺🤙

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Nice birthday gift for yourself! I like the canoe with the First Nation folks. Thanks for sharing!

@elizabethbit I hope you had a great birthday and hope to talk to you tomorrow too.

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I'll be there with bells on! My birthday was very nice, thanks!😎👍🎂