1oz Silver BITCOIN (design) ;)

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Today's hunka hunka precious metal comes in the form of a coin. Technically it is called a "round" as a coin is something with monetary value issued by a government body but that's a story for another day. Today let's take a look at this #bitcoin designed silver round.


1 troy ounce
.999 fine silver
minted by the Golden State Mint (GSM)

You can see all the above specifications stamped into the design on the back of the round.


I won this silver round in a raffle held by @silverd510 a few months back. I like Bitcoin and the design of this round so it's a win/win for me.

Have a nice week, #friend :D

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It would be cool if that had an actual Bitcoin address stamped onto it with a little bit of money on it, it still is cool either way though.

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Yeah, those physical bitcoin cold wallets are awesome. This will do for me though :)

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I don't suppose it has a hidden compartment with a little Private key code to a 1 BTC wallet?
My little BTC Poker chip only has a 0.001 BTC, pre-forked I believe.

Just asking....

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I have not (yet) found the hidden compartment ;)

That poker chip is super cool!

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Ahh... found the picture, Imagine a poker table full of these.

Ahh... a bitcoin round! Tt sure is pretty!
It's so funny that whenever they try to put a photo of Bitcoin, it would be if a form of a coin.

You got that right @silversaver888!!


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Why is that so... maybe because the bitcoin is intangible, hehehe!!!
Oh btw, did you know that bitcoin hit 18K last night! 🥰🌺🤙

So this is a Bitcoin.....Did you know it is now worth over $18,000.00 @summertooth!!
I think I would sell!!😇😀
Nice silver my friend!

I think I'll wait for $30,000 @silvertop, then just sell half.......Now, where are those tin snips????

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Lol @summertooth I will forever remember the silver you cut up !!!🤣

I always said I wanted to hold a Bitcoin in my hand, lol! I guess you've done it! Take care @summertooth!


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That is pretty sweet...I need to fine one of those at some point for the silver stack

So many mints make different designs but my favorite is from the Anonymous Mint


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sweet! thank you! I'll check it out!

That guy silverd510 is awesome

Bitcoin and silver... m’wah! (Chefs’ kiss)