Bar of precious metal

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This bar is made of 99.9% pure silver, a precious metal. Precious matals are metals that are rare to find on earth and have a high economic value due to their industrial uses or other factors.


The technical specifications of the bar are as follows:
.999 fine silver (99.9% pure)
2 Troy Ounces
Minted by Monarch Precious Metals
Bar #788 out of 999

Theses specifications are also stamped into the back of the silver bar as you can see.

Personally I like to invest some of my income in precious metals.

Have a nice day and weekend.

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Thanks for showing another way of stacking quality Silver @summertooth.

My pleasure @cve3!

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You are wise man @summertooth!!!Monarch Precious Metals are the best my friend!!😀
Where is that telephone....I heard it ringing for the Saturday Discord call on that B....t platform! 😇 Talk to you tomorrow!!!

Love the local guys @silvertop! Yeah, I don't trust the powers that be on h**e so thought I'd try that other place. Talk tomorrow my friend.

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Have a good evening my friend!!!😀

Nice piece of silver! A chunky piece for sure! Thanks for sharing. 😎

Thanks @elizabethbit! I love Halloween!

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A nice piece for Halloween..

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Thanks dude. I love Halloween and silver!

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Currently selling at Colonial Acres for $99 CAD... Owww! I want my Mummy!

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YIKES! That's un-ghoul-ievable.

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Ooh. I like the scary bar!



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Nice 2 oz from Monarch!

Love the Oregon local silver! I wish I could visit this place.

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It is a great piece, @summertooth! 🥰🌺🤙

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