Enter my "dCity Contest" contest and win real-life dCity swag :p

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I just gave away a couple of LeoPower delegations for nothing more than a comment on a post but I want to do something a little more involved this time so I said to myself, "Self, other people have some really cool ideas sometimes, why not have a contest to create a contest!?"


I just received an order of dCity swag from Vistaprint and I am going to give this beer whiskey water coffee mug to the person that thinks up the best (in my opinion ;)) dCity related contest.
I will then host that contest to give away more dCity swag ;)

How to Enter

  • Submit an idea for a dCity related contest. Your entry can be a fully fleshed-out contest or a quick brainstormed idea, or a list of ideas. it just has to be free to enter and accessible to anyone that wants to enter.

Where to Enter

  • Right here on this post. You can toss it in the comments here or post the idea to you own blog and put the link here, but I will only be checking the comments on this post for entries so whatever you do be sure to let me know how to find it here.

What's the Prize?

  • Well, the prize for today's contest is the dCity mug pictured above. the next prize (the prize I will give away with your contest) is this dCity baseball cap.

Due Date

  • My contest starts now and will last about 5 days, I will pick a winner on Monday, Nov 9th.


  • I will send the mug, post paid, to anywhere on the planet.
  • Anyone can enter
  • Anyone can win
    source 8.gif


  • I have tried to keep this contest simple as possible but if you have a question just ask.

source 7.gif

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A contest about creating contests, very meta ^_^

Ok, so if it's dcity contest I think probably we can rule out micro-cities and play around the idea that the people competing have something to work with. In that case I suggest some form of city-building competition surrounding specific themes. This can also lead to recurrent contest where theme changes but rules/structure does not, and maybe that's useful.

An example of this would be:

[Slave City]

Create a city using no more than 100 cards.
Final income (before tax) = 1000+
Final popularity = 0
Unemployed = 0
and the person with highest income following this wins

the goals/criteria can change around to keep it interesting, but I think this could be fun :)

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Congrats my friend, you win! Are you on discord? I'm summertooth#0366 over there.

wow, I didn't even notice this buried in notifications:


(edit: message sent now)

Interesting idea @alphacore, thanks for posting it!

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I suck at dCity.. horribly.. but I love coffee.. pretty awesome cup

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Yeah, I could do much better but....fucking math :(
Thanks man, I am surprised there are not more entries oh wait no I'm not
tenor 16.gif

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Brilliant! Just in time for an idea I had a few week back.

Here's my entry.




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Interesting idea @blockfoxes. @alfacore won the mug but find me on discord (summertooth#0366) , I made a few dCity stickers too if you are interested ;)


Congrats to @alfacore - I'll ping you over Discord for those Stickers. Thanks!

Gave you reblog. I am too tired to think an idea but best of luck for your contest.

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Thanks @phython! With so few folks still around this place I hope to get a least a few entries.

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