LeoPower delegation contest results are IN!! Congrats and thanks for playing ;)

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Congratulations to our two winners!

1000 LeoPower for one mother goes to...


2500 LeoPower for one month goes to...


Now for anyone who is interested, here is how those #winners came to #win.

I started here to give each entry a ticket number...

After hitting the "Randomize" button about the great and powerful "atmospheric noise" took over and gave up this configuration :D

So, over to the #silvergoldstacker Discord server and the Beldum Bot to generate a random # to pick the winner.

*Side note, I wanted to do the draw in the LeoFinance Discord server but do not know how to get the Banjo bot to pick a random number, here was my test the other day...

Anyhow, back to the SilverGoldStacker Discord.

Here is a link directly to the draw https://discordapp.com/channels/355978573124861952/693545497083904000/770297930774216786

First we drew for second prize...

Then for the lucky first place winner...

So there you have it! Congrats to the winners!!!


I hope you are able to curate some killer content and stack that LEO!

Thanks to everyone that entered!!

It wouldn't be a contest without players and I appreciate everyone that got in on this so as a #secretprize I have sent everyone on the above list 2 LEO



I've got some other contest ideas brewing so stay tuned...

Have a great week!

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I knew I'm gonna win ;)

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Nice! Enjoy the extra power. :)

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Thanks for the #secretprize! :) Well done @summertooth. 👍

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My pleasure @oldmans. Thanks for playing.

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Congrats to the new king and queen of the Leo jungle!

Wow! And I just got in under the wire!

Thank you Uncle @summertooth and I'll take it under advisement!

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You're welcome my friend :) enjoy!

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