Precious metal round

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This is a chunk of silver that is 99.9% pure. It has been shaped into a 2 troy ounce cylinder and stamped with a commemorative design.

Technical specifications (specs) ;)
.999 (99.9%) fine silver
2 troy ounces

The scene depicted on this pure silver cylinder is in commemoration of the transcontinental railroad completed in the USA on May 10, 1869

The above ceremony was a result of driving the "golden spike" that linked the eastern USA to the (soon to be) Western USA by rail. The actual golden spike used in the ceremony is in the Cantor Arts Museum at Stanford University in California.


Silver is a precious metal due to it's scarcity and industrial uses. Investing in silver is a fun way to diversify your investment portfolio.

Silver spot price (cost) is currently $25.55 per troy ounce. One year ago today silver spot price was $16.80.

I visited the site of this historic moment and I had a good time. This round was a gift from a dear friend called @dfinney.

Continue to have a nice weekend!

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I want a golden spike! seriously though, I cant see how they crammed all them people on that coin!

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HAaahahah! I guess that's why the coin weighs so much ;)
Check this out from wikipedia...

The golden spike was made of 17.6-karat (73%) copper-alloyed gold, and weighed 14.03 troy ounces (436 g). It was dropped into a pre-drilled hole in the laurel ceremonial last tie, and gently tapped into place with a silver ceremonial spike maul. The spike was engraved on all four sides, The Spike was removed immediately after hammered in to prevent it from being stolen:

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The Spike was removed immediately after hammered in to prevent it from being stolen:

Some things never change!

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Thanks for showing the new addition to the stack @summertooth (71). That coin has some impressive details.

My pleasure @cve3. It is quite detailed, down the the champagne bottle in that guys hand and the glasses in the other guys hand.

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I would love to visit this historic site @summertooth, very special silver round!!!
Now that golden spike....that would be worth driving to Oregon to search for Lol!!😇🤑
Are you sure you tossed a copper round???

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HA! If you like history and the American West then I highly recommend this site @silvertop. Only thing is there is nothing else around here so plan some other things along the way ;)

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Always nice to just get away @summertooth!! Sometimes the best spots are in the middle of no where my friend!!😀



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We have our own Vancouver, actually Port Moody, Last Spike commemorating the completion of the National Railway bringing BC into the Confederation of Canada. Regrettably the medal I have was bronze rather than Silver. I'm not sure if there is a Gold Commemorative issued.

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Super cool Kerris! I'd love to visit that place as well. Maybe one day...

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Like how you can see Grant's big ol' beard, sweet round man!

Thanks man!

Hey @summertooth! I am very fond of trains and if you ever feel the need to give that one away, please send it my way! I can just imagine what it was like at that ceremony! A nice chunk of silver! Take care and thanks for sharing!

OH then you and the Mr have to visit this place! Even though it is still in the middle of nowhere you can just feel the history when you visit.

P.S. @dfinney would kill me if I gave this away :o

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Lol, I would not expect you to give it away, but should you need someone to hold on to it for you, I'm the one!😁

Sometime, maybe on the Saturday chat, I should tell you about our train history. Take care @summertooth!

I would love that! It sounds like you really do need to visit this place.

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What a beauty!

Thanks Saver! It is a chunk as well! Love it.

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Leave it to @dfinney! 🥰🌺🤙

Thanks Saver!!! :)

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Awesome design you've got there. If LEO can come in that same design it will be superb.

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Indeed a LEO silver coin would be really cool @eldecor!

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Yeah sure it will be quite beautiful.

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Thanks you are my chicken of the sea and I :heart: you. Take care!!

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