Win some SILVER and/or GOLD from APMEX, info and link to enter enclosed within ;)

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Once again the online precious metals dealer APMEX is giving away some silver and gold. I thought I'd walk you through the way to enter for #free.

This contest is only open to US residents but stay tuned my Canadian friends, I have a contest you can enter for free as well.

First though, the link to the APMEX contest

Now, the thing is they want you to buy stuff so they hide the free entry as much as possible. When you get to the page above scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the words "Official Rules"

The rules will open on the same page, when they do scroll all the way down to the bottom and click "Enter Now"

From here you know what to do...


So this is a weekly contest and I am not sure if you need to enter every week for the current prize but I would assume so.



How about a chance at a $1000 prepaid visa?

Link -->


I don't know how adventurous you are but if you want a chance to win a 7 day cruise...


Have a HUMPTY hump day y'all!!

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@summertooth you are a wealth of "Free" information!!!😀 Thanks my friend, I will give this a go !!🤗

Have a HUMPTY hump day!

Thanks saver! Maybe this will be the one...fingers crossed.

Yeah, this might the one!

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Thanks for the link @summertooth! Take care and be sure to send me your prize!😎

SEVEN DAY CRUISE?!!!! Does that come with or without a side of covid?


I guess I’ll just try for the silver.... 😪

Good luck! 20201024_190349.jpg

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Thank you @summertooth , already getting more than enough junk mail.

(Now voting with the power of 3k ....but you already know)

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Yeah, that's the thing with these "free" contest entries. I have a separate email for those ;)

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