@swap.app + LeoDex: hive-engine support added

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Hive-engine tokens support is finally added to @swap.app. Thanks to LeoDex we are able to bypass the hive-engine 1% deposit/withdraw fee so it makes much more sense now to trade hive-engine tokens with @swap.app :)


Quick Guide

To buy any token from the hive-engine market, simply send Hive to @swap.app with the token name in the memo. For example use memo: leo

To sell the tokens and receive Hive, simply log in to hive-engine or LeoDex and send the tokens to @swap.app. Please use empty memo in this case.

The total fee for those operations is 0.5% - two times lower than the 1% hive-engine deposit/withdraw fee.

How Does It Work

After receiving the transfer, the service bot makes an actual trade on the hive-engine market and sends back the trade result. The amount of received Hive / tokens depends on current orderbook so be sure to check the token price to get an idea how much you will get.

If there's not enough ask/bid offers to make the trade, user will receive automatic refund. The whole process takes about 10 seconds (the hive-engine api needs some time to update the balances :)

Also, by making those trades faster and easier we hope to bring more liquidity to the platform and more overall usability to the Hive token.

Use Cases

If you have a bunch of tokens that you want to sell, you probably know how time consuming it can be on hive-engine. Now, you can just send them to @swap.app, save time, pay lower fee and receive Hive directly to your wallet.

On the other hand, if you want to buy tokens, with @swap.app you don't need to deposit Hive to hive-engine and loose 1% right from the start. Basically it's cheaper, faster and easier :) And if something goes wrong, just head on to our support at discord channel.

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Love the fact that it makes automatic refunds when the order don't go through. @swap.app great improvement

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This is very good!

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Swap.App is a game changer for the Hive blockchain and ecosystem. It's one of many bridging solutions that Hive needs to connect with the rest of crypto/DeFi and having LEO and @leodex plugged-in makes it that much cooler


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Can I send you HBD for Hive?
Or HBD for Leo?
What do I put in the memo?

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This is great news. Keep up the progress @swap-app

Interesting one to know about @Swap.hive. Will check that out.

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