9/mei/2020: for the movement of the coin Hive to USDT chart in the Huobi-global market

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Hello everyone, this is a very great and good move in the huobi market and I like that market, and I hope, I want to use that market to buy and sell digital assets or foreign currencies,



And now the huobi market seems to be stabilizing and is also available to exchange coin hives to usd and also coin hives to btc and also coin hives have been registered a few months ago on the huobi market,

And for now there is not yet available HBD coins and hopefully this will soon be provided there, so that we are easier to use just one market,


The huobi market is also very great, it works very fast, like doing transactions, but a little advice from me, if you can reduce taxes for transactions, a little like in the bittrek market there only takes a little tax. To make transactions,


Maybe this is all I can say in my post this time hopefully it can be useful,
Thank you

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