Grafik coin hive to USDT on the Huobi-global market

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

Hello everyone, on the week of May 10 2020 the movement of the coin hive chart in the huobi-global market slightly decreased from yesterday's price on May 9, 2020 but this is not a problem, because only a little .. It could be that this will rise again ,,

The sale and purchase price of a coin hive to usdt can go up and down, depending on the person selling and buying, at the market there,

And hopefully this price will rise as soon as possible, so we can be more motivated to move on the hive platform, of course,

The hive platform is much better than the steemit platform, which now, maybe that might change because there are already different people who lead it,

I really like the hive platform, and so far I see the hive platform is very developed and almost 99% of steemian people have moved to hive, it's very cool ...

Maybe this is all that I can convey in my post this time hopefully can be useful and can also be entertained, thank you
By: @tailah.bayu

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