Trump cards, media exposure and crypto explosions

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Whilst Trump is President of the US, he has been extended graces from Twitter, his choice platform of rant. If he was someone else, he likely would have been banned from the platform long ago - but I remember hearing a talk with Dorsey who said, the President of the United States should be heard, no matter what he says. It isn't bad for their bottom line either I bet, much like all the news outlets that have been fanning the flames for the last five years.

But, what happens post-presidency?

There has already been talk that his special privileges will be revoked, which means that if treated as a normal person on Twitter with some notoriety, he isn't going to last long. If Twitter do pull the switch, will Trump fall silent or, will he find another platform?

Well, most likely and that will probably be Parler, the uncensored, right-wing Twitter that makes claims for freedom of speech. I wonder how free a centralized platform becomes once there are hundreds of millions of users on it.

However, this should shine a very public light onto some of the many drawbacks of the mainstream social media platforms and get more people thinking if it is where they want to spend their time. Align this with failing economies and bullruns, and Hive is positioned to at least pick up some of the splash from the exodus. Sure, this might likely be right-leaning to begin with, but slowly there comes a normalization process and with Hive's ability to build independent experiences on the second layer, including tokenization - things could look pretty busy around here quickly.

If you consider that there are only a handful of active user here currently, if that moved to say a million daily active (which really isn't many), the entire feel of the ecosystem changes radically, as does the engagement level. I wonder what happens to the way people engage if they are suddenly getting 50x the number of comments on their posts? I wonder what happens to the marketing message if a couple users of Hive are picked up and plastered across other social platforms too? I wonder what happens if coincided with a spike or two, people discover that Hive users are actually earning something significant?

This is not 2017/18 anymore and while still in the infancy of crypto as an industry, the market is much more mature than it was and there are many more players in the game, including some very large companies who have been publicly buying in yet, even with Bitcoin 10% off of the all time high that was considered "ridiculous" a couple years ago - there is radio silence.

At the time of writing this, out of the business and finance sections of *CNN, USA Today, FOX and Bloomberg, only Bloomberg had anything on Bitcoin in sight.


Considering that there is a lot of talk about being the start of a bullrun on the stock markets, I find it an interesting "oversight" - one that is quite intentional.

Everyone loves world records, so when Bitcoin surpasses the last high of around 20,000, the news media will start reporting on it with more consistency and perhaps this time, a little less ridicule, now that it is getting socially proofed by business peers, including Google, PayPal and Square. it is hard for the media to ignore them for long, considering that all of those companies are both successful and in the financial service markets.

While I don't know what it will mean for Hive in relation to all other cryptos, I believe that there is soon going to be a huge amount of capital pouring into the marketcap and that is going to look for places to firsty make profits, but then settle to continue making profits in a safer, more stable environment. This means that they will look for products and services that offer something tangible, something familiar, something they can invest into and shill. Hive could be just that place and the likes of @leofinance and @threespeak are likely candidates to pick up a strong userbase who are seeking to make a foray into crypto, by doing what they are already doing elsewhere.

The more that make the attempt, the more who will make the move and soon, there is actual audience support, content consumers. They don't need to know everything about the tokenomics and potential, they just have to start and feel that they are at the cutting edge of a new industry with a lot of potential in front of them. One of the problems with many of the cryptos is that they aren't actually communities that encourage interaction and discussion outside of the tiny circle of the token. Hive actively supports discussions on all kinds of things in all kinds of ways and given the tools, many new developers can enter into the scene to further the conversation.

I really hope that there are devs working on building the tools and the witnesses like @blocktrades have SMTs of some kind close in the pipeline, as they are critical for the kind of healthy growth the platform needs.But, will they arrive in time or, will it be too little too late in an industry set to explode?

As always, time will tell.

If Trump was really smart, he would buy a mountain of Hive now and then announce joining....

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(If Twitter do pull the switch, will Trump fall silent or, will he find another platform?)

Trump floats the idea of his own news network to counter CNN.

The rich will always be heard, even if they have to start their own news channel. You and I, they tell us to vote, vote, vote, that is our voice, it is stuffed into a box and from there who knows what the f--k happens to it.
And we're supposed to feel like we're heard. the entire political system is BROKE and in more than one way. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I like your take on the possible future of Hive.

With more and more people disgruntled with other social media platforms, I do see the potential for user growth on Hive.

Crypto is here to stay, and whether your holding BTC, ETH, UNI, Link, or any coins including Hive, (KYC) I think we are in for the ride of a lifetime.
I always enjoy your writings, if I had more time I would read them all.

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Thank you very much, greatly appreciated.

I think the last election was tampered with too, except it was through social influence.

I don't care for politics at all - but I think the US voting process and access ridiculous in this day and age. There should be zero dispute in the results.

It is going to be an interesting ride for sure. Not sure which way it is going to go, but I am guessing it means holding on regardless. :)


If Trump was really smart, he would buy a mountain of Hive now and then announce joining....

The bad news is that Trump isn't really smart :)

I suspect that Hive isn't really ready for big expansion yet. A second layer needs to be at least operable to facilitate much and that really means that the base layer needs to be bullet proof which it isn't. I'm not saying that Hive is hopeless, but it's been a month since HF24 and the UI still has lingering problems.

What I do hope is that Hive will pick up some speculative money and users that will put pressure on a serviceable second level that would probably require a new SMT or significant changes to Hive Engine to even really begin.

So what of Trump and Twitter? I suspect he'll be such an ass that banning him becomes necessary when he doesn't have his presidential pass.

I'd actually like to see Joe Biden pardon Trump on Jan. 21. A Federal Pardon for all crimes, real and imagined. It will never happen, but it would make great sense to me. It would stop some of the angst between the right and left. It would make Biden enormously unpopular with his party but would go a long way towards ratcheting down the emotions and rhetoric.

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The bad news is that Trump isn't really smart :)

Smarter than the people who support him I figure :D

The second layer indeed isn't ready, but the problem is that it seems that unless there is the kick start of necessity, it'll never be ready. The problem with integration later is, there is more risk and more at stake for failure.

There is speculation that he will pardon himself - which wouldn't surprise me in the least, considering his general level of behavior. It is not like he cares about the aftermath.


I believe Trump wouldn't really fade away with all his rants, he'll definitely continue and one of the things he'll likely be saying is how he was rigged out of the white house. I believe hive will thrive with more social experience being inculcated into it, while I believe prices automatically brings a place like hive to the cognisance of people, it could mean we'd even see more people finding a use for it because of the fact that experiences are being rewarded here and how exciting can that be.

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Thanks a whole lot.

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He might have been rigged out - but then, he might not have been suited for the position in the first place either. I don't put a lot of faith in democracy at the best of times, because in general, people are idiots and don't know what is good for them. 70% of the US is over weight and 40 percent obese - they voted every time they ate a meal.

I really hope that Hive is able to attract users, as it would lead to not only far more development here, but increase the opportunity for millions of people globally. I don't understand why so many people don't recognize how broken the global economy is and if they do - why they keep doubling-down on their investments there.

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Systematically people will profit from hive and vice versa but then it needs that traction to eventually grow by all means.

As for Trump, I haven't seen him as suited for the presidency ever but then would you blame these people? They're probably having limited choices of either democrats or republication and how can democracy really thrive?

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The future of the blockchain is the direction the winds of change are blowing. Resistance is futile, but futility is a common occurrence.

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Futility is indeed - which is why so many people are intent on head banging on a wall, over and over.

Trump is a man who has grown up thanks to his wealth and the media! I wouldn't be surprised if he already had million-dollar contracts to be on TV, radio and other programs. He's a media star, so he'll know how to get the juice out of an orange. It would be interesting to see him on Hive, because if he did not have qualms or control in saying some things (true or not) when he was president, now that he has left the presidency he will be more direct and boastful? And what is more interesting: he is a simple mortal like everyone else, so anyone can contradict what he says or does. Greetings, amigo

he'll know how to get the juice out of an orange

One look at him should convince anyone of this.

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If he did come to Hive I think there would be a massive circus around it - but I wonder how much of it would be positive and how far it would skew the general community. Would be interesting to see.


As much as I wouldn't really want to read a lot of what he or his Twitter followers would post here, the good news is that I just wouldn't have to.

It would be interesting to see how fast things would develop here.

For sure!

If Trump was really smart, he would buy a mountain of Hive now and then announce joining....

Can I get a little liquid first?

About half the total HIVE is liquid isn't it ;D

Intriguing idea, a media spectacle like the world has never seen moving to the crypto space, where stake equals influence and censorship. I think the results are for next fork?

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